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Adlerville Community Activist Spotlight Special: CHAS MOORE

By Every Texan

Are Citizens of Austin listening to what Chas Moore has been saying?  Are Austinites even familiar with who Chas Moore is?  Here is a window into the mind of Chas Moore through his own words.  The intentions of Chas Moore need to be heard and understood by everyone.

AUSTIN, TX – August 13, 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist and Executive Director of the Austin Justice Coalition (AJC) Chas Moore organized a defund the police event that was held outside the Palmer Events Center during Austin City Council’s meetings for the Austin Police Department (APD) budget to “reimagine” criminal justice and public safety.

AJC = Chas Moore

RS = Revolutionary Socialist “Jeff” from Tribune of the People

J = Journalist 

RS: No, because you’re using this, uh, this idea that, like, as a white person, you know, like, I can’t, well, actually, you called me a co-conspirator (inaudible).
AJC: I very much did, yes.
RS: But I want to address the idea that you think that we are pro-violence, we’re pro-defense, isn’t that what you said?
AJC: I didn’t say you were pro-violence. I think, I think
RS: White people (inaudible)

AJC: I think that white people are more prone to perpetuate violence, because they have this, they have this WEIRD fascination with, like, violence. That’s part of white people’s history. Everything white people do is violent. EVERYTHING.
RS: But the thing that happens is happening now is white people are killing black people in the streets RIGHT NOW, EVERYDAY.
AJC: Yes.
RS: The oppressors – the oppressing (inaudible) elites are killing people in the streets right now, and we have to find a way to defend ourselves, because right now by talking about reforming the system that is killing us, we are only reforming parts of it while they’re still killing black and brown bodies the whole way through. Like, say this very thing we’re doing today – they’re trying to get $200 million out of the – out of the – police budget? How do we know that $200 million isn’t going to be turned into surveillance?
AJC: But see I mean, that’s the difference between people like me and people like you all – no offense again, like, so I don’t have faith enough in any government body ever to just let them vote and be done. So like the difference between you and I are- not even you – but people LIKE you though, and I am sorry to put you on the spot but – that’s my own bias – people like you are going criticizing the vote no matter what. People like me are going to say thank you for the vote if it goes the way I want, and I’m going to make sure they do what I want them to do.
RS: Absolutely. We’ll take concessions and we will say thank you, you know, like you know, we’ll take concessions, but we’re not asking…
AJC: No but I’m asking – if – No, I’m answering the question by saying how do we make sure it doesn’t go to something else? You have to apply pressure. You have to always stay consistent. A lot of like, 15,000 people came out June 7th.
RS: Yeah.
AJC: Now we’re down to 30, and like, that’s one of our core principles of AJC, that’s why we don’t do shit like that, because people like you, again, people are in this romanticism of, of revolution. They want that, because they think that’s all it is.
RS: I think you’re putting a lot of people in the box then, because people, 17,000 people came out on one day, yeah, but people continue to go out, because their personal relationship with the system is (inaudible)…
AJC: I’m a I’m a convicted felon. I’m a convicted felon to where a judge told me he know I didn’t do it, so again, like you, there’s nothing you can say in your whiteness that I know about you right now. Attractive-looking white guy. Cool hair and a hat. Like, there’s nothing, cus [sic] like, I’m a convicted felon. I lost my mom at seven (years-old) because lack of medical care. I grew up poor, because my grandma was born in 1935, like, in a very Jim Crow South, so, like, yes, the system does suck. I know that in a very real way, but I also know it sucks enough to where I speak out too much, because even the shit that I say, even the shit that I say is, curtailed in a way to where I don’t put my life at risk. You can do that, and you can talk about revolution all the fuck you want. I can’t do that, and I’m not going to not (inaudible) any other person who does it
RS: Yeah
AJC: But I’m also not going to encourage them to do that, because I know how the system operates
RS: Right on, so
AJC: All I’m saying is this – I do not like white revolution when they don’t define it, because to me, again, I think white people have to understand that they can’t lead us in my humble opinion – white men SPECIFICALLY – are incapable of leading the country to a place where everybody can be free
RS: I agree with that 100%
AJC: And, like another thing I hate about like this – this fucking split between Black Lives Matter and the right and the left is like, like you know, like everybody wants to be free, and I think we all have a human RIGHT to define that freedom by themselves, as long as you’re not being like, a racist, misogynic, homophobic piece of shit like, EVERYBODY should have their inalienable rights to practice and live and do whatever they want. Right? So like now, you know people don’t understand, like that the police are not here for those few, right? Unless you’re like RICH. Unless you are rich. Even like poor white people. Poor white people think that the council are really here for them.
RS: I know, it’s crazy.
AJC: It’s crazy to me, because like the police in every form of history. In any like all the bad shit in history the police is there. The lady that was talking about the German concentration camps – WHO DO YOU FUCKING THINK KEPT THAT SHIT UP?! IT WAS THE FUCKING POLICE!
RS: It was the police.
AJC: And you look at, and you look at everything that is anti-people, anti-people’s rights – the police are part of that.
RS: Exactly.
AJC: Right, like now we’re so caught up with Black Lives Matter and again, racist white folks and all white folks are racists – it’s not their fault – benefit from the system, like they don’t understand that we just want to have the same inalienable rights that white people are afforded in this country.
RS: Exactly, and you know I agree with that 100%.
AJC: Again, again, I’m saying I do not think that there can be this mass unification movement where white people really have a voice in my humble opinion, because you all do not know struggle in a very real way.
RS: Yeah, you’re right.
AJC: It just doesn’t exist.
RS: We don’t, exactly.
AJC: Yeah.
RS: We do have principled unity with the black people in our movement and the black people…
AJC: Principled unity is great, but like, experience…
RS: Well, it…
AJC: Lived it. Lived experience is always going to trump anything you say.
RS: Absolutely.
AJC: I can talk to you for hours.
RS: But I CAN TRUST YOU, and I can trust what you say, and I can see…
AJC: I think that most people – I will say this – All the black people (inaudible) I think that most black people generally do not trust white people.
RS: That’s…fine.
AJC: Unless we have and built that relationship with you.
RS: Exactly.
AJC: Because historically, again, white people have been the most FUCKED UP people to walk this planet.
RS: It’s, it’s absolutely, but I mean also, like, I am going to 100% stand by my hero being *Fred Hampton.

*[Background-Fred Hampton (August 30, 1948 – December 4, 1969) was an American activist and revolutionary socialist. He came to prominence in Chicago as chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP), and deputy chairman of the national BPP. Political party: Black Panther Party. Died: 21. Cause of death: Gunshot wounds.]
AJC: People are recording this, this going to get out, everybody’s going to hate AJC. We can’t even have a conversation without people recording you see what I’m saying?

J: But don’t you want people to see this conversation?
AJC: NO I DO NOT! But it’s for what?
J: Why not?
AJC: Like, for what?
J: Why are you having it? Don’t you want the public to have this discussion so they can come together?
AJC: NO, I’m talking to this guy [laughter], but we live in Texas, and I, and I know the law. Like, even if I said I don’t want you recording, I know you can.
J: I’m just saying if you want your message to get out why wouldn’t you want more people to see it? I haven’t said anything, because I disagree with almost everything you said.
AJC: So why you recording if you disagree?
J: Because I’m recording, why wouldn’t I record? It’s free speech. Do I have free speech?
AJC: Go ahead, hey you know what, fuck it.
AJC, Chas Moore has received a lot of money over the years. How does AJC, Chas Moore use these funds? It’s concerning his strong belief that white people are dangerous and all police are bad. How does a “leader” with his current power with City leaders truly create change? He’s so angry, feels broken, and although at times, he is surrounded by many people, he seems very alone. A lot going on here.
Most of these people observed fighting for social justice in BLM are black separatists and lowkey racists.
This is one of the key activists that the Austin Office of Police Oversight @ATX_OPO Director, Farah Muscadin @farahmuscadin, keeps updated on the Austin Police Department (APD) @Austin_Police and spending public/tax-payer funds to plan “projects” (abolish the police) with Chas Moore and Chris Harris @chrisharris101.
Food for thought: Arrests are supposed to be more racially equal? Ask criminals to be more diverse.
Despite being a spotlight-seeker, then 30-year old non-profit end-of-policing activist Chas Moore @iGiveYouMoore, Executive Director of the Austin Justice Coalition (AJC) @AtxJustice and tied to Black Lives Matter, has avoided major scrutiny from his innocent non-profit organization (NPO) circles after assaulting a bar manager May 2018. Moore went into his former workplace, the Recess Arcade Bar and was immediately asked to leave by the manager on duty.
When the manager moved to escort him out, Chas Moore initiated a fight, and the camera footage shows Chas Moore punching the man outside. Though the incident happened in May 2018, Chas Moore wasn’t charged until September 2018 later that year. According to the manager, Chas Moore was previously banned from the bar at 222 E 6th St.
The arresting affidavit from May 27, 2018 states that Chas Moore was asked to leave the bar multiple times. The manager claims when he tried to escort Chas Moore out, he was struck in the neck, and the two men fell to the ground wrestling.
Witnesses said bouncers broke up the two men, & as Moore was being escorted out, he punched his former manager in the face. Chas Moore also allegedly tried to push the man down the stairs. Moore claims it was his manager who started the fight, taking him to the ground and attempting to choke him.
Chas Moore goes on to say when the bouncers broke up the fight, he went outside to flag down officers! As per usual, the ones whose goal is to end policing are the first ones to call the police, and in this case, while committing a violent crime. Video surveillance from the bar shows Chas Moore striking the manager in the throat, and then throwing another punch in the victim’s direction as he was being escorted out, according to police.

“It is an unfortunate incident,” civil rights NPO lawyer Brian McGiverin @BrianMcGiverin said.  Chas Moore was held on a charge of assault with injury nearly four months later on Sept 18, 2018. Bond was set at $4,000.00. McGiverin founded the Austin Community Law Center (ACLC) in 2017, a 501(c)(3).
Note McGiverin was a policy aide for former Austin City Council Member District 2 Mayor Pro-Tent Delia “Dumbster” Garza (now Austin’s severely underqualified and inexperienced County Attorney) for a year beginning in April 2016, dealing with public safety, finance, the City budget & etc. Delia Garza refused to step down from the City Council while she was actively campaigning for Travis County Attorney for which she had somehow won the election for, uncontested.
Chas Moore is actually a three-time arrested and convicted felon.
Before the 2018 assault, Chas Dominique Moore was charged with a DWI on 07-10-2015.
Chas Moore was booked a third time into the Travis County Jail on 02-17-2020 with a Warrant Arrest Non Traffic.
Chas Moore received a $150,000.00 grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation of New York, New York, a philanthropic organization that provides grants to fund decriminalization, environmental justice, LBGTQ justice, etc non-government organizations (NGOs) to impact local policy.
The Austin Justice Coalition are not registered as lobbyists.
Austin City Council Member District 1 Natasha Harper-Madison’s LinkedIn page lists among her volunteer service working with the Austin Justice Coalition from September 2015 to September 2016. “I was proud to help this organization with strategic business planning, partnership development, marketing, and social media strategy and more.”
The Austin Chronicle, in an article published January 16, 2018, parroted the LinkedIn claim, citing Harper-Madison’s work “on business planning for the Austin Justice Coalition.”
Community activists Chris Harris @chrisharris101 and Kathy Mitchell @JustLibertyTX1 (husband Scott Henson – runs Grits for Breakfast blog @Grits4Breakfast) provided countless lobbying hours with Just Liberty and Just Liberty’s then executive director Shakira Pumphrey @Shakira70737492 was the Policy Advisor in the Texas House of Representatives previously under Speaker Joe Straus and currently with Speaker Dennis Bonnen. November 2015 Pumphrey became the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition’s @TexasCJC Policy Director.
Decriminalization/Incarceration and Police Abolitionist activist Scott Henson of radical, far left-wing, partisan group Just Liberty

These Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)/non-elected decriminalization activists have also created “Freedom City” policy with resolutions 73 & 74 that violates SB4 and puts Austinites in danger and also blocks @ICEgov cooperation. This foreign (out-of-state) NPO is @Grassroots_News where Chris Harris and Bob Libal started. Read more here. @blibal @Grassroots_News director and @chrisharris101 have worked together close to a decade and continue to spread cultural Marxism in Austin and to the detriment of Texas as a whole, e.g., making it easier for criminal illegal aliens to cross our Southern Border. #AbolishICE? Currently, Chris Harris works with @TexasAppleseed 

For 4+ years through his group the AJC, Chas Moore works to strengthen the BLM movement against the police in the U.S., funneling extremist, leftist tactics into legalism and the writing of end-of-policing policies in local governments, namely drafting an anti-APD contract that began in 2016. Chas Moore, Kathy Mitchell, and Chris Harris had all attended meetings and workshops with the New York (NYU) School of Law’s Policing Project. @policingproject NYU School of Law got Chas Moore, Kathy Mitchell, and Chris Harris to draft the APD contract giving special considerations to black/brown people when they’re the majority population producing the problematic crime which is NOT at all representative of the Austin Community at large.

They organized reading groups to review 100s of Police labor contracts from various large cities across the Nation, and had used the APD Union Contract as the model for making changes in accordance with former President Obama’s Executive Order 21st Century Principles of Policing and the Police Executive Research Forum’s (a foreign NPO, from DC) Guiding Principles on Use of Force, since it was nearing negotiations. Campaign Zero’s Samuel Sinyangwe @samswey along with Chas Moore, laid out the timeline of their end-of-policing policy through PD contract negotiations. Read more here
Note that the former Chief of Police Art Acevedo had accepted the Black Lives Matter-activist proposed policy for the APD Union contract. 
Why does Chas Moore appear to have significant influence on the City Council and the de-funding of the police? Still need to find out what hold he has on the City Council. The ACAB/1312 narrative (All Cops are Bastards) is a cheerleading chant for Red Guards (Red Guards Austin and the University of Texas), Antifa and BLM. Austin with its all Democrat City Council recently removed some of APD’s weapons after the Summer 2020 riots in Austin and is sending the departments back to a 2015 budget. They have proposed cuts to the Mounties, the Bomb Squad, Internal Affairs and Forensics. Homegrown, Native Austinite, former APD Chief Brian Manley has been targeted personally by the Mike Ramos Brigade and Red Guards leaders demanding he be fired. Mayor Adler has hosted a conversation with Chas on his FB live and local Austin mainstream media often tout his demands and activities in The Chronicle’s community pages. Adler has authorized money in collaboration with the AJC to paint BLM on Congress Ave. On Twitter, opponents to the Austin BLM movement posted FOIA screen shots of Mayor Adler receiving emails from Chas with demands, directives and discussions on reforms. The Chronicle posted an article about Chas working to move a large part of the general Austin Music Budget to a Black musician fund, and other reforms on transportation and housing equity- just like what’s happening in Democrat-stronghold cities Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Portland, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, & etc relentless Marxists are pushing city managers and councils for the reforms they want. The same professional, pro-black power/BLM/End-Of-Policing community activists who derailed Austin, TX’s police labor contract met with their equivalent in Grand Rapids, MI.
Chas Moore parrots prepared standard boilerplate rhetoric on “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” and his lack of ability and willingness to converse when asked an uncomfortable question. His de-funding the police is a Black Lives Matter Marxist agenda against the state and the institution of policing. Moore doesn’t hide it. He presents as the face or mascot for “reforms”, and we know what is actually behind him, but who, specifically, is another question. The big question is, are the all Democrat City Council members and Mayor Adler the ones pulling the strings while appearing to simply be reactionaries to Black Lives Matter? They do utilize standard Marxist language and terms. Whatever the case may be, the Marxist agenda will not go away until we take action now to get rid of them all.

Austin’s Mounted Police were absent at the 6th St. Mass Shooting killing one, paralyzing one, injuring over a dozen. Why? Moore brags, “You briefly mentioned policing, which is where I want to go next, because this is my, um, like this is the thing that we do quite well here in Austin, um, is KICKING POLICE’S ASS (audible smack pounding fist into palm),” says a class two robbery felon with seat at policing table.

Chas Moore HATES police, and if he’d have his way, he’d RUN THE POLICE OUT OF TOWN. Moore has pushed & politicized and abused Austin MANY times to REDISTRIBUTE policing dollars into SOCIALIST programs.

The End Of Policing by Alex Vitale is the book Moore is referring to.

AUSTIN, TX – On September 9, 2021, No Way On Prop A [Equity PAC] officially launched their campaign at Barton Springs Pool. Their main message was that the APD does not need to be refunded in order to improve Austin’s exponential decline in public safety and quality of life for all, because the Austin City Local Control allegedly threatened to defund EMS, Fire, Parks, and Public Libraries. After all, Mayer Steve Adler said the exponential increase of an Austin record for homicides in modern times is no different than any other city.

Host: David Chincanchan @DChincanchan, former Socialist City Council District 2 Candidate, former Council Member Pio Renteria’s @CM_Renteria Chief-of-Staff and Senior Policy Advisor, affiliated with the AJC.
[ ]: Healthy banter
AJC: Chas Moore

Host: Let me introduce our next speaker. Uh, he’s someone who doesn’t need an introduction. He is the Executive Director and Founder of the Austin Justice Coalition. Uh, I’d like to introduce you, Chas Moore.

AJC: Good morning everybody. Try that again. Good morning. Um, Ima stay on script, but I gotta go off script. That’s just part of the brand at this point. I want to point out one thing in particular – When you look behind me, you see, uh, a truly diverse group of folks [not in the least-mainly white members of DSA] compared to the Save Austin Now press conference that, um, was-was pretty much one shade of-of-of folks. So (crowd laughter)-so-so when they say the community is behind this campaign (applause). Ima say a couple of things and get out of the way. Um, first and foremost, Prop A is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Um, it’s not police reform as it claims. Don’t be deceived by these feel good words like training  and diversity [However, this is what these Marxist/DSA/BLM groups scream for – that more training is necessary] that’s coming from these other groups (crowd laughter). Um, a few facts on what’s actually in this measure. Um, this measure requires 40 hours of additional mandatory training [Again, this is what many screamed and moaned about with the George Floyd mass rioting] of quote on quote equip the officers to handle evolving fluid, dangerous situations and the petition suggests that, um, the focus should be on intermediate weapons proficiency, active shooter scenarios and hasty react time. Um, this is more of the same warrior-type policing that we’ve been seeing for years. This is the same policing that results in the killings of Mike Ramos [Hence, more training is needed] and George Floyd [who is not from Austin, and Austin is certainly not Minneapolis], and countless others [Again, not from Austin nor Texas]. Um, and-and-and brought tens of thousands out-brought tens of thousands of us out in the street last summer [2020 riots] during a year of protests. Um, another key thing is that it doesn’t really hold anybody accountable like they claim that it does [All the more reason to abolish the Office of Police Oversight. @farahmuscadin in charge of @ATX_OPO. Need to cancel the body cam contract]. It gives-it gives officers a bonus once every five years for good conduct [Hilarious this a negative.]. Uh, most of the officers would meet the criteria [Necessary training and pay bonuses are a good thing.]. Pay has never been the problem and adding stipends isn’t the solution [Neither is a Marxist felon that has never suited or booted up as an officer having a seat at the table for APD]. What we need in Austin is to continue overhauling [read chip away until APD gets abolished] training academies which is a process City Council um launched this year. Austin needs to strengthen accountability [Again, there is already an Office of Police Oversight that is regressive and punitive to officers, leading to high turnover around a toxic, woke environment similar to Chicago, since that is where Farah Muscadin is from], transparency [in punishing the officers rather than going after criminals or illegal aliens], and oversight, in the contract negotiation . In Austin especially boldly needs to identify functions that we have given to the police, um, and could be better done by someone else. That is the change we need [Nope, we don’t need to abolish APD and have AFD wear bulletproof vests]. That is the change we need. That way public safety um can-can really do more [for ignoring criminals] for policing down the road [With Marxist felons continuing to have a seat at the table]. Prop A is a total reversal of the shift that Austin went through during and after the [absolutely inorganic] protests of Summer 2020, and I have to give a shoutout to City Council for being a bold enough to take those steps with the community [to allow more homicides of people of color to increase exponentially] (applause). We need every Austinite who posted a black square last summer, every Austinite who marched with us down Congress Ave [Most of which were out-of-town or out-of-state], every resident, um, who called City Council and voiced their solidarity with black community to vote no way on Prop A. And I have to say this before I go [Swipes nose, but thank goodness he wears a mask] – This Prop A nonsense, crap, is nothing more than a retaliation against um the BLM movement for calling for changes in police departments [He has failed at specifically pointing out why Austin is singled out for this. Austin is not even close to Minneapolis, and why is he talking about police departments-plural?]. When you look at the folks who stood up at the-at the Save Austin Now um campaign, those are the same folks that-that probably, um, back in 1992 calling us super predators [Incorrect-Joe Biden’s word choice. Biden’s 1993 “predator” remarks are similar to comments made by then-first lady Hillary Clinton in 1996, where she warned of “superpredators” who had “no conscience, no empathy” and who need to be brought “to heel.”]. These are the same folks that probably think George Floyd deserve to die [Although so devastatingly sad, Floyd’s untimely demise occurred in Minneapolis. Hark, this is Austin! Why not go make change there?]. These are the same folks that Mike Ramos should have just surrendered [This is the lawful thing to do. Ramos would be alive now if he surrendered to the LEOs.]. These are the folks that think policing is the only way to public safety [Record breaking Austin homicides of people of color would disagree]. Let me make this very clear – Yes, this is a social issue. This is a racial issue as well, and I know we don’t like to talk about that. I know I bring it up all the time, but that’s who we are in this country [Marxist activist failed to keep it relevant to the CITY of Austin], and until we really have those city conversations, we’re going to keep seeing [Citizen-led] propositions pop up [Chas Moore is in the process of eliminating democracy in action, which is the right of any Austin law-abiding citizen, and this practice should not be made more difficult, although this has been suggested by the DSA-centered City Council administration]. This is a straight attack on all the black, brown, and indigenous folks that I’ve been seeing for YEARS. We need to change the way we do things. These are folks that – These are folks that are-are-if I’m being quite honest – residue leftover from the Trump era that want to Make America Great Again. This is Austin. We not gonna Make America Great Again. We gonna keep being weird [Austin is dead. “Weird” represented local small business owners and musicians, most all of which have been leveled and decimated], and we’re gonna keep trying to do things in an equitable fashion that makes sure every Austinite, every Texan that comes to this city feels safe [Read gets murdered by a gang of illegal gun possession, gun-toting, teenage black thugs and harassed by the bums made worse by the City Council’s policies overturning lawful behaviors of bums circa June 2019], and the bottom line is the way we do policing now does not make us feel safe. We don’t need more cops. We need more resources, mental health resources, more resources to go and reinvest in our communities. We don’t need no more cops. No way on Prop A.

  1. This is false. They never got their money back.


The wealthy, radical elite corporate donors and groups across the country are more interested in our local school board and city council races than most of the people who live in our own town.

They’re funding efforts to ensure their far-left, radical Democrat Socialist agenda pervades our entire society, and they want to make sure that no city, no town is left to stand against them.

National radical left-wing organizations are collecting and funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to flip local city councils, school boards and county prosecutors’ offices to the far left. They are flooding small elections with big money, and it’s giving them unprecedented influence over our local affairs and greater access to our children.

We’re witnessing the election of leftist local prosecutors who are refusing to prosecute whole classes of crimes. Rather than working with their state legislatures or city councils to reform the criminal justice system the right way, they are choosing to ignore the laws they took oaths to uphold and are single-handedly nullifying laws they don’t like.

Prosecutors who promise leniency have won races across the country, including in Philadelphia and Chicago, cities with two of the highest crime rates in the nation. Their campaigns have been supported by wealthy out-of-state billionaires (Austin, as well as various other Democrat-run big cities have been flipped socialist by billionaire George Soros), one of whom spent millions just last November backing candidates in several Virginia counties.

It’s not only prosecutors’ offices, though. In one example, community organizers from national organizations descended on one county in Tennessee to take over the school board and county commission. They ran left-wing candidates for the school board and gained control of the Marxist, although disguised as “equitable,” CRT school curriculum.

Chas Moore got fired as a door guy at a bar on Sixth St who picked up a couple felonies. He’s a tourist who doesn’t care about Austin. He was approached one day and asked if he wants to be an activist. Austin has an exponential uptick in homicides. Austin Mayor Adler, Travis County DA Jose Garza, Travis County Attorney Delia Garza, City Council Members Greg Casar, Natasha Harper-Madison, Chris Harris, Chas Moore and the like have said national data shows more homicides, because of laid back gun regulations, and therefore, the fallacy goes that thus, we have an increased amount of gun violence. These Marxists keep jumping back and forth referring to Texas or the country or even former President Trump, when they were elected/supported locally (though they were here for Austin only)? Chas Moore makes many references to what’s going on in the nation instead of Austin. This is one way the far left extremists AKA Democrat Socialists are taking over locally while intaking millions in national funding and a local powerhouse of readily available boots on the ground organization. Austin is not Minneapolis. Why do Austinites continue to be bullied by these liberal, woke fruits?  If we do not reverse course and start electing rational adults, Austin is going to end up just like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and Minneapolis.  If we are not there already.

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