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Austin Doesn’t Have A Homeless Problem, It Has A Radical Activist Mob Problem

By Every Texan

Note how all the far-left, radical activist groups locally extract fundraising funds to be injected into a national campaign (ActBlue) to fund all the Democrat operatives’ activities, anywhere from getting socialist DAs elected to funding the “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter/anti-police (anti-law and order) protests across the country in blue cities. There is no such thing as blue states but blue cities.

All the new tents that suddenly popped up around Austin City Hall as a protest to the passage of Prop B seemed strange. Unfortunately for Austin, the reality is worse than thought. Many of the radical, far-left activist groups, such as Homes Not Handcuffs, have gone as far as astroturfing the area with their own to create a stunt to make the homeless situation in Austin look worse than it could possibly ever be. If you thought posing as homeless people to try to further their goals was beneath the individuals behind the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), you were wrong. Seemingly, that compassion for “neighbors experiencing homelessness” goes out the door when they feel the need to express their rage with these street tantrum antics.



These Soros-backed activists funded by Act Blue believe that “In an era when the most vehement proponents of big government happen to be the most politically active billionaires, it is not surprising that the Democracy Alliance, a collaborative of liberal donors led by George Soros and Peter B. Lewis, has set out on an offensive to pile funds into the liberal machine. The tactics of Soros, his constituent investors and foundations are revealed easily – and in considerable detail – by an examination of the seemingly “grassroots” groups that this very non-grassroots collection of billionaires and bureaucrats fund. In fact, staples of the “grassroots” political movement – especially progressive websites such as and – are not driven by the average Democrat, as their image may suggest, but are rather mouthpieces for the radical agendas of the likes of Soros and labor unions. […]

The radical activist mob in Austin are being paid to act like they are “neighbors experiencing homelessness”. They are diverting resources away from the most vulnerable people who are actually homeless and need the help and compassion to further their political feud. While free speech is fully protected and the right to protest is supported by all, does this stunt cross the line and hurt the people they claim they are standing up for? Are there not better ways to help the situation than resorting to becoming part of the problem? Austin is a resourceful city, surely there are better ways for these groups to get attention.

If you were wondering who is buying these brand new tents, here is one of them. This person has ties to Antifa and is your standard far-leftist DSA activist trying to destroy the fabric of Austin.

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