Austin Flunks Another Cold Storm Test

Austin once again led Texas in power outages and displayed a city unprepared to meet basic service requirements of the citizens.  While the rest of Texas barely noticed the cold storm, Central Texas experienced rampant power outages on and outdated and neglected power grid.

Austin Mayor Kirk Watson has tried to apologize to the people without power who have become used to these power and water emergencies.

“As mayor, I accept responsibility on behalf of the City, and I apologize that we’ve let the people down in Austin,” Watson said, later adding, “Public frustration is absolutely warranted. Over and over again, we see the same failure. So something will change. You’ll see that communication will be clear, frank and will happen in real time using any and all available techniques going forward.”

With all the failures, more and more Austin citizens are growing concerned with how their extremely high property taxes are being spent.  Austin has been leading the charge into the woke progressive fad, but with even less to show for it than you see in the other progressive dumps.  Now the big question that remains will be whether this Woke Chernobyl meltdown failure to prepare for the cold will be corrected or simply blamed on climate change.

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