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Austin Office Of Police Oversight Director Farah Muscadin Investigated For Spending Enormous Taxpayer Money To Push Critical Race Theory Training

By Every Texan

Farah Muscadin, Director of the Austin Office of Police Oversight, has once again pushed to offer bribes to people in the community to take Critical Race Theory (CRT) training.  For completing a 22-hour course, people are cashing in with $550 gift (read grift) cards.  $55,000 was defunded from the Austin Police Department to fund this radical training course.  Guess who is paying for this ridiculous CRT propaganda?

Muscadin speaks in Detroit, MI.

It is well past time for Austin citizens to demand their own Office of Government Oversight Committee to watch over how these people continue to waste taxpayer funds on pushing this Marxist-influenced indoctrination that is inherently racially divisive.

The influential driving force behind these shenanigans is Muscadin.  Muscadin was ousted from a similar position at Chicago State University for employing the same shady tactics she is pulling here in Austin.

Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday said they investigated Farah Muscadin, the director of the Office of Police Oversight, and found some disturbing information about her past career at Chicago State University.  Casaday sent a letter to Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk noting Muscadin’s name was mentioned in a lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to falsely accuse a professor of sexual harassment while she was working as Dean of Students at Chicago State University. He also provided board of trustee meeting minutes mentioning Muscadin had been “terminated.”

This blatant waste of money simply boils down to further defunding of the police.  The goal of Muscadin and her ilk is to strip the Austin Police Department of every resource possible.  While Austin crime and homicide numbers continue to exponentially increase, these extreme-left radical groups keep chipping away at morale and funding to continue the downward spiral Austin is on in terms of law enforcement and public safety.  While the excuses and denial are endless, accountability is in short supply.  If you want to address the record breaking murder numbers, look no further than these anti-police radicals’ war with the police.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler says that Farah Muscadin “is great”.

Until Austin citizens stand up and demand that these activists stop getting in the way of law and order, the city streets will continue to get less safe.  Has this woke fad cost enough innocent Austinites their lives or do we need to continue this charade?  When will it be enough for Austinites to stand up and admit that this experiment failed badly and should have never been attempted?  It is time for Austin to hire and elect people who have a track record of success, instead of bringing in consultants from failing cities like Detroit and Chicago.

CRT is a great example of Marxism. It divides people into victim and oppressor groups, comes to erroneous conclusions about the cause and solution to inequality, then uses government force to try to fix it. Rather than lifting unsuccessful people up, it is tearing successful people down.


Page from one of the CRT books being used in Illinois



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