Austin’s Project Connect Equity Monorail Adds 21% To Property Tax Bills

Have the Woke Progressives of Austin gone too far with the Project Connect Equity Monorail scam?  Many concerned citizens are questioning the latest Progressive scam.  An “Equity” based mass transit system that will add 21% to everybody’s property taxes seems like it could be another expensive pipe dream.

While there has been an extensive sales campaign to trick Austin citizens into voting for the latest scam, many are starting to question whether they have been further duped into paying more and more property taxes.  Citizens throughout Austin have lamented the escalating housing prices while continually voting for every new bond that comes their way.  Is the Equity Monorail finally going to wake citizens up to the huge added expense tacked on everyone’s bills for living in a woke progressive city like Austin?  Is Austin worth it at this point?

The Project Connect Equity Monorail plan is to provide East Austinites with a cute train that will allow them in 52 years or so to take the train to watch their soccer games.  Would paying for the East Austinites’ Uber rides be a cheaper and better solution than this enormous tax increase that is sure to be felt most by the people who are demanding “Affordable Housing”?

One major concern stems from the low ridership of Cap Metro buses already.  Will people adopt this expensive mass transit train if it comes in a cuter package?  Austin of course could use an effective mass transit option, but is it realistic to think that Woke Progressives will be able to pull it off in an economical way that is a benefit to the city?  After a huge track record of failure, it is time to pull the plug on the Project Connect Equity Monorail failure sooner rather than later.  It is time to stop giving these scoundrels more money to waste.

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