Budget And Homelessness Town Hall Is Another Disaster

In case you missed the Budget And Homelessness Town Hall held on Saturday June 26th in South Austin, fear not – you didn’t miss a thing.  District 2 council woman Vanessa Fuentes held this town hall meeting in order to fight back against the passage of Prop B.  Instead of addressing homelessness, these local politicians are constantly continuing to push the same epic fail Housing First agenda that has created a homelessness epidemic across the nation in democratic stronghold big cities.  Instead of offering any sort of plan, Fuentes, Dianna Grey, and Kerri Lang offered all the same empty platitudes of how much they care while asking for more and more taxpayer money to waste.

Lang at one point, stooped to holding a silly anecdotal “live survey” done by an app that in real time would show what people in the crowd were thinking on various issues.  Virtually no one was actually participating, yet Lang used this survey of the 5-7 people who did respond from the small crowd as evidence to show that there was support for the premises being sold by the city.  The old favorite tropes of cops are bad and raising property taxes is great to pay for what has been dubbed the Homeless Industrial Complex was the general consensus of this five-person sample size of respondents.

A half hearted Q and A session was attempted.  Questions were asked but no one could hear because of the acoustics of the gym.  Rather than using a microphone, the people holding this town hall had Austin citizens shout their responses, which echoed around the gym for no one to hear or discern. Additionally, there were some prepackaged questions intentionally meant to be answered by the “non-profit” radical activists to respond to in the small crowd.  There was lots of pushback, but really no one could ever tell what was being said which seemed quite intentional.

In the end 2/3 of the crowd had left early even more dissatisfied with what the local Austin government is doing to destroy the city.  The homeless agenda is lucrative and will continue to grow and ask for more and more money.  The problem will continue to get worse and the cycle is going to keep becoming a bigger part of the lives of anyone raising a family and living in Austin.

“Last week I mowed my lawn and the smell of meth smoking was so intense I threw up. It’s to the point where my neighbor who has a ten-year-old daughter and the neighbor next to her has a 2 and 6-year-old, they’re too afraid to go in their backyards because there are homeless people who peek through our fence,” said Stephanie Lindhome, homeowner. “The strategy has been to help folks that want to go in homes, but the problem is that her strategy doesn’t account for anyone who will fall through the cracks of that and we’re having to deal with that every day in our backyards.”

“My home backs up to a homeless encampment that is a property that’s on the list currently as one of the homeless encampments that the city has sanctioned for the rollout of Prop B. We as neighbors have been struggling with this for three years now. I called in 23 fires just this year of which maybe 2 have been put out by the fire department. There is a general refusal to put out the fires behind our home even though it’s a completed wooded area, not at all safe, and totally a hazard for a wildfire,” Lindhome said. “Anyone in a residential area shouldn’t have to feel unsafe where they live. I mean plain and simple.”

It is a wonder that Dianne Grey is still trying to push any of this homeless mess after being obliterated in the Texas Legislature by Paul Beitencourt last session. Here is recap of Austin Homeless Strategy Officer Dianna Grey getting an earful in the Texas Senate Committee for defending Austin’s failed open camping policy.

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