City Of Austin Is Giving Property Tax Preferential Treatment To Select Businesses

Businesses of Austin have gotten their property tax bills for the 2020 year and some have done much better than others.

Black Star Coop at 7020 Easy Wind Dr, Austin, TX 78752 has benefitted from massive cuts in property taxes while other Austin businesses see their property taxes continue to skyrocket.

With all the talk of gentrification coming out of East Austin, what is with the property tax bill for Hoovers?  The extremely low Hoovers property taxes continue to go down while Austin keeps booming?  Why are they so lucky?

Ego’s Bar has got a really great deal going and they hardly pay any property taxes for their great location.  Total value has dropped to less than $20,000 this year.

Here is another from a restaurant that is shut down.

As an example of the normal property taxes you will see, here are the Shady Grove numbers.

Now you might be asking what about the vocal critics?  Vince Young Steakhouse was extremely vocal in their condemnation of the reckless policies of Mayor Adler and the City Council.  So did their property tax bill go down also?  Not this year.  In fact their bill almost went up by double.


Beyond the progressive favoritism of our local politicians, what is happening to create such a big difference in how property taxes are assessed here in Austin, Texas?  Are all Austin businesses getting a fair shake from our local government or are they choosing sides with different sets of criteria?  $133,000 is quite a deal for the Black Star Coop, but who is actually paying the remainder of what would be owed on that property if it was properly valued?

Strangely enough, it is not just bars and restaurants.  Barron & Adler lawfirm had a decrease in property value as well.  Mayor Adler has been lucky enough to get in on the tax cuts also.

As for Mayor Adler’s property downtown?  It has also gone down.

How did all these businesses vote on the Plan A 26% property tax increase that was passed this year.  It would be very hypocritical for any Austin business or citizen to support the property tax increase while taking steps to avoid paying their fair share.

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