City Of Austin Racist Bigots Caught Hosting Racially Segregated Parties

Once again, City of Austin wokes are making national news for their racist antics.

Austin Parks & Rec Department was forced to apologize after planned segregated “racial healing” meetings were exposed by employees. PARD had planned to have two “racial healing” meetings: one for people of color and one for white people.

It might be time to explain to wokes how racism and bigotry work. Austin’s woke trash has gotten out of hand.

PARD’s director sent out an email within a day of the first email apologizing, calling the message “inappropriate” adding “it didn’t reflect the values of the department.”

Department leadership is aware of an email sent to the city’s parks and recreation department staff regarding efforts to establish antiracist affinity groups. the email was not vetted, did not reflect the department’s values, and, within 24-hours, the department issued a retraction email apologizing for the exclusion of employees in any space. the department remains committed to ensuring all employees benefit from collaboration and professional development that is inclusive of all staff. while the original email identified separate racial groups to encourage participants’ comfort and willingness to share personal experiences, the intent of the email/groups was not to be exclusionary, but rather to provide a supportive environment for sharing their lived experiences and identify ways to improve the department’s relational culture.



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