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Former Austin Police Department Chief Brian Manley Involved In CRT Training Push For Austin Police Department

By Every Texan

 A Racial Inequities and Institutional Racism report actually makes it look like former Austin Police Department (APD) Chief Brian Manley sold the department out before he left. This report makes it look like Manley went along with the Critical Race Training (CRT) scheme being promoted by radical left-wing activists and government officials for the APD.

Beyond all this, it is time for Austin citizens to start paying attention to who Farah Muscadin is and what role she is playing in influencing how our local law enforcement functions. The paid-to-play corruption of the local news media seems to be overlooking what is happening inside of the APD.  A recent poll found that only 2% of Austin has ever heard of Farah Muscadin and the Office of Police Oversight (OPO).

The Chief spot falls under the City Manager, Spencer Cronk. The Chief must retire from the department, and then they are hired by the the City of Austin.

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