Leslie Pool Caught On Hot Mic Blasting Colleague Natasha Harper-Madison

Shocking to think that former Mayor Pro-Tent Delia “Dumpster” Garza was any sort of improvement over Harper-Madison.

There have been some intense public exchanges within the Austin City Council now that Natasha Harper-Madison has taken over duties of running the meetings in the absence of Mayor Steve Adler.  Apparently due to Harper-Madison’s unorganized and inexperienced methods for running the city council meetings, Leslie Pool remarked to her aide that, “she is horrible at this!”  Unfortunately for Pool, she was unaware that her microphone was still on and so everybody heard this including Natasha Harper-Madison!  Infuriated by the huge public reproach of the job she is doing in her new mayor pro tem position, Harper-Madison replied, “I can hear you, Leslie”.  Whether this shocking bad blood goes back any further is anyone’s guess, but these bruised feelings should be interesting to watch as these meetings continue to unfold as poorly as they have been running. Eventually, the two will have to settle the score when they are forced back into doing city council meetings in-person.

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