Meet The New Austin Police Cadets Tuesday, June 15th 4-6:30

The new Community Connect program aims to provide City of Austin Police Cadets with the skills to effectively engage and connect with Austin’s diverse community in an honest, authentic, and transparent manner.  The program plans to foster belonging and enrich learning while building trust with the community.

The community meet and greet will be held Tuesday, June 15th from 4-6:30 pm and Edward Rendon Sr. Park (Festival Beach) 2101 Jesse E. Segovia St.

The event is open to the public and is presented by the Austin Police Recruiting unit.

Justin Berry said on Twitter, “Sadly, the whims of a few crazies have had a devastating impact on our department’s staffing, morale & overall safety of our community. Our city needs new officers, this is a great opportunity for the new cadets to meet you, the supportive majority. I hope to see you there.”

Hopefully more and more of these events promote bipartisan support for the job Austin Police do keeping the city safe.  Bringing the community together to share common goals is a great direction for all of us.


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