SGT Daniel Perry Receives Full Pardon From Governor Abbott

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has granted Daniel Perry, an Uber driver convicted of killing an AK-47 armed BLM protester, a complete pardon and the restoration of his rights.

Despite a large body of evidence indicating that Perry was acting in self-defense, marxist district attorney Jose P Garza charged him and pursued the activism based case.

This case always boiled down to the simple fact that Garrett Foster pointed an AK-47 at SGT Daniel Perry while blocking the car he was working in.  These protests should never be allowed to block traffic.  All protesters blocking traffic should be arrested for Obstruction of a Passageway for the safety of the Austin citizens going about their business as well as their own.

Here is the full statement of Doug O’Connell- Attorney for SGT Daniel Perry

On behalf of Daniel Perry, we would like to thank Governor Abbott for his decisive action granting Daniel a full pardon and restoring all his civil rights. We would also like to extend our thanks to the members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole. They conducted a very thorough investigation over many months. All the interested parties and many of the witnesses were interviewed by the board. They took the time needed to get to the truth behind what really happened when Mr. Foster illegally threatened Daniel with a fully loaded AK-47 rifle on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin, Texas. They also investigated the facts surrounding the Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza tampering with Grand Jury witnesses during this case. Ultimately, the Board unanimously voted to recommend a full pardon to Daniel.

Daniel Perry was imprisoned for 372 days and lost the military career that he loved. The action by Governor Abbott and the Pardon Board corrects the courtroom travesty which occurred over a year ago and represents true justice in this case. We intend to fight to get Daniel’s military service characterization upgraded to an Honorable Discharge.

I spoke with Daniel this afternoon. He is thrilled and elated to be free. Daniel is also optimistic for his future. He wishes that this tragic event never happened and wishes he never had to defend himself against Mr. Foster’s unlawful actions. At the same time, Daniel recognizes that the Foster family is grieving.

We are anxious to see Daniel reunited with his family and loved ones.

Here is Governor Greg Abbott’s statement and proclamation

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