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Soros To The Saudis: Austin’s Woke Progressives Silent As Homeless Camps Cleared To Improve Austin City Limits Festival 2021 Optics

Better late than never in getting the homeless camps underneath the underpasses of downtown Austin and surrounding areas cleared of the sea of their tents, trash, filth, rats, used needles, & etc. all in time for Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival that kicked off Oct. 1st.

Austin City Council – Is this the “Democracy” that they claim they fight for, or just when Austin voters vote to the tune that they don’t like? Recall that Prop B, a citizen-led ballot initiative, passed by an overwhelming majority of voters May 1, which would suggest that this is not solely a partisan issue, as the Marxist PACs and local MSM lies continuously.
Homes Not Handcuffs Poster Homeless Couple, August 2019
“Homelessness” was deemed “unconstitutional” not in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, but the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, further proving that these agents of Marxism want to Californicate Texas.
It is a must read for all the constant lies and misinformation with this poster couple by Soros-backed Act Blue-funded Homes Not Handcuffs, Grassroots Leadership non-profit criminal justice activists Chris Harris and Holly Kirby as their most active advocates. These people are writing the local city ordinances. These people are forcing Marxism into our city and are the real threats to the future of Austin. They should have never had such power and influence over the people of Austin.

Fast forward from May 1 to now, Austin’s progressive mayor and city council have expeditiously swept the homeless problem they created under the rug just in time for ACL Fest that kicked off Oct. 1.  It seems as though Mayor Adler and the twerp decided to put all their woke values on hold for the next two weeks while so much of the spotlight is on Austin.

Interestingly, recall that the Saudis have a big stake in ACL Fest. Wonder why they didn’t go with the Chinese-too cliché? Recall that C3Presents donated to Greg Casar’s campaign. Photo by Nicole Raney, Apr 2020

Local Marxist PACs (e.g., Equity Austin funded through George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center) in opposition to Prop B are further working to finish off Austin for good. Direct link.

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