Trudy Strassburger

It is VERY important for the public to know who Trudy Strassburger is. She is a BLM activist who is Travis County DA’s #2 in charge. As you, the community, start to see indictments of officers begin to increase, remember this post. The Travis County Judicial System has fully embraced political prosecutions under Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza (Former Executive Director of Workers Defense Project, where Greg Casar came from).

I pose this question to our community, what is “justice”?

Ask yourself what does this mean. It is a word so often thrown around yet never defined. I believe justice is the finding of truth and fact so that a wrong can be understood and a remedy be implemented. In the US we have two courts to seek justice. The first is the criminal courts, these are for when a wrong is criminal in nature from an offense against society defined by our legislators.

The second, is the civil courts. These are for wrongs that are not criminal in nature but still occurred. We must understand how and why we have the judicial system we have. What we have today, in Travis County is neither of these two systems. What we have today is a system, where by, one radical political entity can utilize the power of this office for their own bias based agenda and imprison their political enemies regardless of truth or fact.

This County elected him, there was another option, you chose to vote by party line over the interest of equality and fairness for all.

This will only further the exodus of our police ranks not just in Austin, but potentially other Travis County police agencies.

This article was written on Twitter by Justin Berry. Follow Berry here

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