Who Is Responsible For The Crime Increase In Austin, Texas?

Mayor Steve Adler at the Floyd protest, kneeling with the riot mob.

Austin, Texas has de-funded their police department at a higher rate than any other big city in the country.  The city’s exploding growth in crime is all the evidence needed to show that these reckless, unfounded policies have already achieved their goal of empowering criminals and promoting the destruction of the city.

“In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests this summer, we made a significant cut to policing dollars and reinvested in things like this.” – Greg Casar

Three members of the Austin City Council (AKA local control/city government) politicians are guilty of promoting the crime-enabling policies not unique to Austin. Mayor Steve Adler, Greg Casar, and Natasha Harper-Madison are the main culprits who expedited this radical shift away from public safety. Mayor Steve Adler has shown a careless lack of leadership on the issue, most notably during the Summer 2020 city-wide riots. Greg Casar has used the issue to push his Marxist values. Natasha Harper-Madison has exploited the safety of Austin citizens in order to promote her racism and perpetual victim ideologies. History will judge the actions of these three local partisan politicians poorly. How long are Austin citizens going to continue to sit back while these three continue their radical progressive experiment to the detriment of the city?

Austin was one of the most sought-after, safest cities, but in 2020, there was an increase in murders by 50% from the previous year. Currently in 2021, there have been a whopping 21 murders to date. Austin is well on its way to breaking last year’s record number of murders.

Beyond the exponential increase in the homicide numbers, Austin is experiencing daily knife attacks, fires, aggravated assaults, robberies, and general criminal mischief. Most Austin citizens have grown wary of going to downtown Austin, because they deem it unsafe. Promoting an unsafe environment for Austin is the wrong direction for local politicians to lead the city.


Racism in Austin is a public health crisis, the Austin City Council says. “Racism is literally killing Black and brown people,” says member Natasha Harper-Madison.


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