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Who Will Best Serve The City Of Austin As The New Police Chief?

By Every Texan

Morale at the city is in the shitter and this is not just the Austin Police Department (APD). Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk, former Minnesota Department of Administration Commissioner, really did not have the experience for the job, but he checked the right boxes:

  • Homosexual

  • Woke

Austin City Manager Cronk’s job is supposed to be enforcing the law. The Mayor is just a glorified council member.

The City Manager’s salary is about $360-370K total compensation, yet no one is happy with the job Cronk’s doing.  Cronk has earned his nickname around city hall “the toilet paper dispenser” Spencer. Everyone knows he’s in over his head at this point, but there aren’t enough votes on the City Council to fire him yet. Cronk has changed a lot of the departments, placed new people in positions who are in charge of departments that are absolutely clueless on how to run those departments. Now, doing business with the City is especially slow, because of all the incompetence. For some important positions, they are looking at whether candidates check the right woke boxes instead of qualifications. It is compulsory when they are even considering lowering qualifications just to get those candidates that check the right woke boxes into those positions.

Amidst the most troubling and damaging times of the APD is Cronk’s choice of Police Chief candidate interviewees. Ask the people of Minneapolis about their thoughts on his successful handling of police. He’s likely on the bottom half of the City Manager stack rankings. Cronk has announced the top seven candidates for the Chief of Police position out of a field of 46 applicants.

Emada Tingirides – Los Angeles Police officer for over 25 years. Won’t let the anti-police activists run APD. Tingirides was born in the city of Los Angeles to a single mother and was raised in Watts and South West Los Angeles. She was LAPD’s first Black Female Deputy Chief, and named commanding officer of the newly formed

Community Safety Partnership Bureau, a citywide community policing program. She holds degrees in criminal justice and criminology, law, and society. Twitter: @LAPDETingirides

Gordon Ramsay – He’s a great chief and well-liked by his Officers and has some great ideas on 21st century policing. Ramsay was appointed as the Wichita, KA Police Chief in January 2016.  Prior to that, he had worked his way up the ranks of the Duluth, MN Police Department, and served as police chief from 2006-2016. Chief Ramsay got an early start in policing at the age of 20 and has been committed to the community policing philosophy, mental health, victim services and race relations in all his positions. He holds multiple degrees and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. Twitter: @chieframsay

Joseph Chacon – Current interim chief and has served in that capacity for four months. Prior to that, he was an assistant chief for five years. Only because he’s an APD guy and maybe once he has the job, he will do the right thing. Twitter: @Chief_Chacon

Anne Kirkpatrick – Been with eight police agencies since 1982. She has served as chief of police for four of those agencies. She is also a licensed attorney and graduated from the FBI National Academy. National instructor for FBI teaching leadership, bias and diversity, emotional intelligence and other topics. Former Police Chief in Oakland, California. She stood up to corruption. Kirkpatrick filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the city. She alleged she was fired for challenging corruption and abuse of power by members of the Oakland Police Commission. Kirkpatrick was fired on February 20, 2020, after serving for three years as the department’s first female police chief. The radical activist commission voted for her firing unanimously, and shockingly provided no specific reason for it. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf approved the commission’s decision “out of respect for the community,” according to the SF Chronicle.

Both Celeste Murphy and Mirtha V Ramos are from Atlanta. Atlanta PD had big issue with higher-ups not backing them on an Officer-involved shooting that saw an entire night shift of officers call in sick.

Celeste Murphy – Deputy Chief, Community Services Division at the Atlanta Police Department, and has been with the department since 1997. She has served in every rank starting with patrol officer and holds degrees in criminal justice and mathematics.

Mirtha V Ramos – Chief of Police at DeKalb County Police Department in GA. Prior to that, she served in various capacities with the Miami-Dade Police Department. Ramos holds a degree in psychology of leadership and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

Avery L Moore – Assistant Chief at Dallas Police Department, Investigations Bureau. He’s been with the department for 30 years and among other assignments has taught at the Dallas Police Academy. He holds degrees in management, criminal justice and psychology. May have some legal troubles in Dallas along with the former chief there. Twitter: @DPDMoore

“I am excited about the diverse slate of individuals we have identified for this position,” said Cronk, who explained that he’ll be discussing the city and resident goals with candidates.

Earlier this year, APD solicited the community to give their input about what they want in the next chief. The Ralph Andersen & Associates consulting firm worked to help recruit candidates based on the response. The majority of the seven-candidate pool are people of color, including three women of color, as if this needs to override qualifications, experience, and competence to be the next head of the APD.


The next police chief will be forced to re-imagine public safety, as a result of radical, left-wing activist mob push from their well-organized, violent protests against police departments across the nation, a nearly year-long hiatus of police academy that exacerbates a years-long staffing shortage, Austin City Council’s decision to defund APD in August 2020, exponential increase in violent crime rates, and new state laws that financially penalize cities that defund the police.

Cronk says he hopes to announce the new chief before the end of August.

Update 08/12/2021: Wichita Police Chief Ramsay is out of the running for Austin APD.

Longtime-teasing-for-a-run-at-Austin-Mayor-ambulance-chasing twerp Adam Loewy excitedly commented over Austin-UnAmerican Statesman wokarista writer Ryan Autullo’s post of how Ramsay’s removal would guarantee checking all the aforementioned woke boxes.

If Tingirides is the best candidate that Loewy is gushing over, she should be hired. There shouldn’t be any boxes that need to checked other than competency.

From, this fantastic investigative journalism unfolded about Tingirides.

There are better candidates that were not recruited. Tingirides has just enough scandal to be a loser and therefore a perfect candidate for Chief of APD. 

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