The Best Gun Range In Central Texas is Lone Star Gun Range In Lockhart

If you are looking for the best gun range in Austin, Texas, make the drive south to Lockhart.  Lone Star Gun Range offers it all for Central Texas gun enthusiasts and new people looking to get into firearms.  Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  You are not going to find a better range in Austin when it comes to value.  Lone Star Gun Range has got it all and is worth the drive no matter what part of Austin you live in.

Gun Range Hours & Pricing

Open 7 days a week, except the 1st Tuesday of every month, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
Normal hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm
Last shooter check in is at 4:45pm
If you renting guns from Lone Star Gun Range, they have to be checked in at 5:00 pm so please give yourself more than an hour and half to learn those guns and shoot them.

Range fees

Open to the public

$18 + tax per shooter per Day (Adult over 18)
$9 + tax per shooter per day (Minor under 18)

$150 + tax Annual Membership (Adult over 18)

$65 + tax Annual Membership (Minor under 18)
Provides unlimited access to the range during normal hours. Valid from date of purchase to the end of that month the following year.

$10 for the First Rental & $5 for Every Rental Thereafter
Rental fees are for all pistols, rifles and shotgun. You must purchase our ammo for our rentals.(due to price fluctuation we can not provide ammo prices online.)

$50 +tax Shotgun Package:
Includes 1 shotgun rental, 50 rounds of ammo, 50 clay targets and the use of the electronic clay throwers.
See shotgun page for more info on clay shooting. (Clay throwers will be closed during and after rainy weather due to mud.)

$1 Paper Targets         $2 Splatter Targets        $1 Ear Plugs

Firearms Transfers – $25 w/ LTC      $50 w/o LTC
Firearm transfers and pick up is by appointment only, text 512-801-2624


Snacks, drinks, gift certificates and Lone Star Gun Range merchandise are also available at the range.

Lone Star Gun Range Offers Several Different Ranges:


Pistols and rifles are allowed on both short ranges regardless of caliber. Shotguns are not allowed On these ranges. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times on all ranges. 

Range 1 ( Right side of the wall)

  • 16 shooting stations
  • Distances of 15 yards(45ft) and 25 yards(75ft)

Range 2 ( left side of wall)

  • 12 covered shooting stations
  • 7 yards(21ft) all the way across


With 12 covered bench rest shooting positions, our rifle range has a practice distance for every rifle caliber. Providing distances at 50yds, 75yds, and 100yds This range is seated slow controlled fire only. No rapid fire is allowed on this range. No shotguns or pistols are allowed on this range. Eye and ear protection is required on this range at all times.


The .22LR range has 9 shooting bays, 6 of which are covered. This range has steel targets set up at distances from 7yds out to 30yds. It also offers the instant audible gratification of the bullet impacting the target. This range offers a little quieter environment to instruct in the safe use and handling of .22LR caliber pistols & rifles. It will also will help individuals transition to larger calibers. .22 long rifle caliber only, No other calibers are authorized at all.  Eye and ear protection is required on this range at all times.


The shotgun range has 6 shooting stations, 5 of which are equipped with electronic clay throwers. The throwers are all set to different heights, distances and directions for different skill sets. LSGR offers shotgun packages at $50 (see range info and fees page). To shoot clays on this range is $10 to use the equipment, and a staff member will load 50 of your clays. If you don’t have clays it will be $20 for the use of the equipment and a staff member to load 50 of the range clays.
(Clay Throwers will be closed during and after rainy weather due to mud.)
Buckshot & slugs are not allowed at all.

Lone Star Gun Range


3795 Dry Creek Road

Lockhart, Texas 78644
Just outside of Austin, TX!
(Click map image for printable map)

Phone: 512-801-2624 – text or call


Open 7 Days a week 9am to 5:30pm

Closed every 1st Tuesday of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are not LSGR rules. Rules can only be provided at the range upon arrival.

Is it ok to draw from my holster? 
Yes, but only from strong side belt holster and you DO NOT muzzle flash yourself or someone else.

Are there any ammo restrictions? 
Yes. The ammo Lone Star Gun Range is currently not allowing is slugs, buckshot, tracer rounds, incendiary rounds or any type of illegal ammo. Federal laws dictate illegal ammo. Violation is grounds for immediate removal from the range.

Do you have target restrictions? 
Yes. We do not allow targets with recognizable or political figures or persons. We do not allow tannerite or exploding targets. Violation is grounds for immediate removal from the range.

Can I use a bump fire stock or a binary trigger on your range? 
Binary triggers are allowed on the range during off peak times. Please email if you would like to know what off peak times are trending. ] As of March 26th 2019 Bump Stocks will be considered an NFA item and will not be allowed range without proper documentation. see ATFs ruling here

Do you allow for rapid fire? 
Yes, as long as you can make control shots on target and hit both the target and backstop accurately. If you can not you will be asked to stop or leave. There are specific ranges for rapid fire.

Do you allow black powder pistol and rifles on your ranges? 
Yes, we do allow black powder pistols and rifles.

What age does my child have to be? 
ALL MINORS MUST be within arms reach of an adult at ALL times when on the property, and not just on the firing ranges. As a parent you are responsible for determining the age to when your own child can practice safety and follow rules while on the range. The Lone Star Gun Range staff reserves the right to tell anyone to leave not following the arms reach rule.

Do you welcome out of state and or foreign travelers at your range? 
Yes, you are required to provide a good form of identification such as a drivers license or passport, some form of payment, and to be safe on the range.

Do you sell ammunition? 
Yes, we do have most common calibers. You must be 21 to purchase handgun ammo and 18 for rifle and shotgun.

Is a target included with the day pass? 
Targets are not included with a day pass, but we have a variety to choose from for purchase.

Can I shoot a 50 caliber at your range? 
You can shoot a 50 caliber at our range.

Is ear and eye protection required? 
Yes, eye and ear protection is required on the range. We have loaners on site as well as options for purchase.

I have never touched and/or fired a gun in my life, and I am interested in learning. Is there anyone there at your range that could help me out?
Our staff will be able to give you a basic block of instruction on how to safely handle, load, and fire the firearm that you are interested in shooting.

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