Nazi Protesters Unmasked At Rally Are Feds

Turns out these matching pressed khaki wearing “Nazis” are actually US federal agents like everybody thought. The silly Patriot Front Nazis were confronted by Americans who have had enough of this silliness.

Two of these “nazis” that were unmasked have been identified as Feds in training already.

Others were tied to Transtifa rioting.

Now, the only question that remains is their motive. Why would these Feds be so interested in trying to promote the “white supremacy” fallacy being pushed by Joe Biden’s clown show?

Whenever the administration needs a distraction from something inconvenient to their narrative, these boys appear out of nowhere, seemingly as proof of a certain supremacy talking point.

Fake News propagandists were quick to try to cover up this embarrassing story with a silly alibi for Brody.  They are even trying to sue Elon Musk for pushing this narrative for only a million dollars.  Why not go for a billion dollars if they have any legs to stand on?

Hopefully these kinds of silly stories open the eyes of some of the people being manipulated by this silly Nazi propaganda.  Racism has no place in the USA or in its fake news propaganda.

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