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DeSaster! Ron DeSantis Presidential Announcement Is Another Huge Disaster

Ron DeSantis who has been teasing his big presidential run since January has finally confirmed that he is actually running and it was a huge disaster.  For the past six months Ron has run commercials and done everything possible to try to get his campaign going.  On twitter, endless payola desantis bots have been parroting the bad talking points of Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, and Christina Pushaw in an effort to try to displace the organic popularity of Donald Trump.  They have already spent millions and unfortunately for Ron, poll after poll show that he is only going backwards.

While billed as the big event to break the internet, the low turnout combined with massive technical difficulties created another embarrassing mess for a campaign with too much money but too little talent.  Ron keeps coming up short when it comes time to deliver on all the promise that his advertisers have promised.

While many expected to hopefully get a bump in Ron’s plummeting numbers from this big announcement, many desantis faithful now fear the worst as Vivek Ramaswamy creeps closer and closer in polls to second place.  Where does Ron and his Rino Bush Neocon backers turn next? Will more donors turn away from this failed campaign or will they pour more money down the drain on hopeless Desantis?  The desperation to stop the popularity of Trump has never been more palpable.  One thing is for certain, it will be difficult for Ron Desantis to recover from this failed run.  His disloyalty and ineptitude have been put on full display.  His days as Governor of Florida could be coming to an end after the end of his term.  Hopefully the money he received to run prematurely will soften the blow of throwing his career away.

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