How Los Angeles Profits Off The Homeless

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  1. Think about this:

    Politicians who claim that they cannot protect the residents without building shelters and providing other benefits to the unhoused population garner the votes of the progressive left of the democratic party, while avoiding loss of support of others because they are able to take political cover of the lie that their hands are tied.

    At the same time, these same politicians rake in substantial campaign contributions and other side-benefits from lobbyists for the homeless industry industrial complex, which is the recipient of billions of dollars of public funding to build shelters and develop other “recovery” boondoggles that are doomed to failure while producing huge profits for private industry.

    It is time to fight the lie that the law compels cities to provide shelters and other benefits as the quid pro quo for being able to enforce laws designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. The politicians who are perpetuating that lie are being duped or they are complicit in the corruption that the lie protects. Either alternative is unacceptable.

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