Green New Deal Fails Austin During Texas Blizzard 2021

While no one could have seen the cold weather conditions that have ravaged Texas coming, two main things stand out as the culprits in this energy crisis.  First, wind power did not work.  Second, solar power did not work.

Luckily, natural gas outperformed while wind and solar sputtered to a halt. Utilities contracted for wind energy failed in their planning for the temperature and ice conditions.  There will be endless finger pointing and blame, but the reality is that wind and solar did poorly in the cold conditions of Texas.

Green new deal/Great Reset/Build Back Better/Agenda 2030 advocates have been everywhere trying to blame everybody else for the energy outages.  Austin experienced a whopping 41% of the outages compared with the rest of Texas at 13%.  While the ineptitude and corruption of the Energy Reliability Commission Of Texas (ERCOT) was to blame for this mess, Ken Paxton also needs to expand his investigation into all who profited from this energy reliability scam.

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