Curra’s Grill

Curra’s Grill

614 E Oltorf St Austin, TX


Monday – Thursday


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  • currasgrillAppetizers

    • $1.99

      Chips & Salsa

      Free, if accompanied with chile con queso, ceviche, guacamole or escabeche

    • $4.99


      Pickled carrots, cauliflower, onions & jalapenos

    • $7.99

      Queso Flameado

      Melted monterey jack cheese, with rajas & chorizo. served with your choice of tortillas

    • $6.99 Cancun Quesadillas $9.99


      Chicken, steak, chorizo, mushrooms or al pastor. served with guacamole, pico de gallo & sour cream

    • Large $10.99 Small $8.99


      Snapper, octopus or shrimp marinated in lime juice, tossed with pico de gallo & cilantro

    • $9.99


      Shrimp, octopus & scallops tossed with onions, olives & cilantro in a rich tomato mexican style cocktail sauce

    • Large $7.29 Small $5.79

      Chile Con Queso

      Ground beef, pico de pito & guacamole. you may also sub veggie chorizo

    • $7.99

      Curra’s Molletes

      Bolillos topped with chorizo, black beans & monterey jack cheese

    • $8.49

      Veggie Molletes

      Bolillos topped with veggie chorizo, grilled onions, sliced avocado, black beans & monterey jack cheese

    • $7.49

      Curra’s Papas

      French fries sauteed with chorizo or veggie chorizo & chipotle sauce, topped with monterey jack cheese

    • $9.99

      Nachos Especiales

      Totopos (crispy corn tortillas) with refried beans, choice of steak, chicken, chorizo or combo, topped with monterey jack cheese, guacamole, sour cream & jalapenos

    • $7.99


      Filled with lamb or curra’s own veggie chorizo, fried and served with a chipotle pepper and cream chipotle sauce

    • $5.99

      Jalapeno Relleno

      Jalapeno stuffed with cheese topped with a choice of sauce. served with rice, beans & choice of tortillas

  • Main

    there are two things you should never eat before breakfast (lunch and dinner)
    • $7.99

      Huevos Sucios

      Two eggs any style smothered with mole. served over rice with beans.

    • $4.99

      Huevos Al Albanil

      Two eggs any style with pasilla and borracho sauce.

    • $7.99

      Huevos Curra’s

      Two eggs any style over carne guisada.

    • $8.99

      Hungry Ranchero

      Same as huevos curra’s with two tamales.

    • $6.99

      Huevos Sinaloenses

      Two eggs any style over chilorio.

    • $7.99

      Machacado Con Huevo

      Shredded dry beef with eggs sauteed with borracho sauce.

    • $6.99

      Huevos Motulenos

      Two eggs over refried black beans, chipotle sauce & fried bananas.

    • $4.99

      Huevos Rancheros

      Two eggs any style with salsa borracha.

    • $5.99

      Huevos Montados

      Two eggs any style on top of a corn tortilla smothered with sauteed onions & borracho sauce. served with choice beans & choice of tortillas.

    • $6.99


      Fried corn tortilla strips sauteed with our green and chipotle sauces sprinkled with goat cheese, fresh onions, cilantro with two eggs any style.

    • $7.99

      Chorizo Con Huevo

      Scramble eggs with curra’s own chorizo sauteed with borracho sauce.

    • $4.99


      Fried corn tortillas scrambled with eggs and pico de gallo.

    • $1.50 Extra Items $0.35 Each Breakfast Taco $2.00

      Breakfast Tacos

      Choose two of these items: egg, bacon, potato, country sausage, chorizo, machacado, mushrooms, beans, ham, cheese, vegetarian chorizo (texturized vegetable protein).

    • $12.99

      Cochinita Pibil

      The foremost traditional dish of yucatan. pork leg marinated & then cooked in a banana leaf. served with rice, black beans & plantains when in season, (otherwise regular banana will be served).

    • $10.99

      Carne Guisada

      Choice flank steak in a rich tomato, onion & pepper sauce with mexican herbs & spices. served with rice & beans.

    • $8.99

      Chile Colorado

      Cubed pork braised in a guajillo sauce. served with rice, beans & tortillas.

    • $11.49


      Michoacan’s most traditional plate, pork marinated in coca- cola, milk and orange juice then fried. served with guacamole, salsa, beans & tortillas.

    • Single $12.99 Double $20.99

      Chicken Or Steak Fajita

      Served with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice, beans & tortillas.

    • $12.99

      Veggie Fajita

      Grilled squash, zucchini, chile poblano, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplant & carrots. served with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice, beans & tortillas.

    • $12.49

      Pollo Maniaco

      Rotisserie half chicken marinated on mexican chiles herbs. served with rice, charro beans & tortillas.

    • $11.49

      Pollo Chipotle

      Grilled chicken breast smothered with chipotle sauce topped with monterey jack cheese, grilled onions, sliced avocado served with rice, beans & tortillas.

    • G5usdmqhxu8bko-100



      8 oz. choice ribeye steak cooked to perfection, topped with grilled onions & borracho sauce. served with pork tamal, chicken enchilada with green sauce, rice & charro beans.

  • Huevos Rancheros Additions

    • $0.99

      Pork Chorizo

    • $0.99

      Veggie Chorizo

    • $0.79


    • $0.79


    • $0.79


    • $0.99

      Sub Charro Beans

  • Tacos Y Mas

    2 tacos served with flour tortilla & pinto refried beans. no substitutions. sub charro beans – $0.99, add bananas to your rice – $0.79
    • $7.99

      Tacos Al Pastor Plate

      Pork cooked on a rotisserie. served with cilantro, onions, pineapple & avocado

    • $7.99

      Tacos Carnitas Plate

      Michoacan’s most traditional plate, pork marinated in coca-cola, milk and orange juice then fried. served with guacamole, salsa, beans & tortillas

    • $7.49

      Steak Tacos

      Grilled strip steak with rajas and cheese

    • $7.99

      Tacos Al Carbon

      Mesquite grilled beef steak

    • $7.99

      Tacos Campesino Plate

      Grilled strip steak served on an open face tortilla with charros beans, onions, green & chipotle sauce

    • $8.99

      Fish Tacos Plate

      Snapper filet strips lightly battered & fried. served with fresh fruit pieo de gallo and cream chipotle sauce

    • $8.99

      Blackened Fish Tacos

      Snapper filet strips rubbed with spices. served with fresh fruit pico de gallo and cream chipotle sauce

    • $9.99

      Tacos Cancun Plate

      Large shrimp with green bell peppers, guajillo & pineapple

    • $7.49

      Tacos vegetarianos Plate

      Sliced avocados, nopalitos, mushrooms & veggie chorizo

    • $7.49

      Chicken Tacos

      Marinated chicken breast

    • $9.99


      Three deep fried rolled corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of chicken, shrimp or chilorio. topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, goat cheese & avocado sauce. served with rice

    • $8.99


      Ground beef, steak, chicken, carne guisada, al pastor or mushrooms, large tortila filled with rice, beans and monterrey jack cheese. served with guacamole salad and chipotle sauce on the side

    • $8.49


      Chicken, pork, vegetables, beans or al pastor. a flat tortilla with beans, monterey jack cheese & guacamole salad. sprinkled with goat cheese

    • $9.99

      Home Made Tamales

      (6 tamales) filled with your choice of pork, chicken, beans, sweet or veggie. served with rice & beans

    • $7.99

      Jr. Plate (4 Tamales)

  • Enchiladas

    • $7.99

      Two Enchiladas With Your Choice Of Filling & Sauce

      Served with rice & beans. choice of filling: cheese, chicken, beef or chilorio. choice of sauce: pasilla, green, red, borracho or chipotle

    • $8.99

      Enchiladas Curras

      Filled with monterey jack cheese smothered with carne guisada

    • $8.99

      Enchiladas Con Chile Colorado

      Filled with monterey jack cheese smothered with pork tips, that have been simmered in guajillo & chipotle sauce

    • $9.99

      Mole Enchiladas

      Juliela’s famous. choice of filling

    • $8.99

      Enchiladas Chiapas

      Choice of enchilada filling smothered with a poblano pepper cream sauce

    • $9.99

      Blackened Fish Enchiladas

      Snapper filet strips, topped with cream chipotle sauce. served with rice & beans

    • $9.99

      Cancun Shrimp Enchiladas

      Large shrimp, bell pepper, grilled onions, guajillo & pineapple

    • $7.99

      Award Winning Vegetarian Enchiladas

      Grilled zucchini, mushrooms, onion, squash & spinach

  • Soups & Salads

    sub charro beans – $0.99, add bananas to your rice – $0.79
    • $5.99

      Crema De Calabaza

      Cream of zucchini. served hot or cold

    • $8.99

      Caldo Tlalpeno

      Traditional chicken soup with fresh vegetables, tortillas, rice & chipotle pepper

    • Special Salads

      Chef’s choice

  • Curra’s Coffee

    • Cafe Oaxaca

      Dark roast coffee with a hint of vanilla

    • Cafe Niexicano

      Made with curra’s own coffee, hot chocolate, piloncillo, kalhua. choice of sauza tequila or presidente brandy

  • Postres / desserts

    • Flan

      Add kalhua or cajeta

    • Tres Leches

      Cake that is soaked in a mix of three different milks (thus the name). it is very rich & moist

    • Chocolate mocha Cake

      This chocolate mocha cake is deliciously moist and completely covered in a rich chocolate icing

    • Platano Veracruzano

      Fried plantain sauteed with butter, topped with goat cheese & sour cream

    • Flambe Bananas

      Banana cut in half, sauteed in butter, sugar & orange liqueur. top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon, if you choose

    • Curra’s Chipotle Brownie

      Chocolate brownie flavored with kahlua, oaxaca coffee, pecans & chipotle pepper

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