Austin Mayor Pro Tem Natasha Harper-Madison’s Husband Involved In Early Morning Altercation

Austin’s new Mayor pro tem Natasha Harper-Madison’s husband Tom Madison was caught in an altercation at 5:44 am on Sunday morning in East Austin.  The two involved had dispute over a phone.  Tom Madison at one point threw the phone at Kevin Rayford and then ran away.  This is still an ongoing investigation.

People had lots to say about this strange early morning incident on Twitter.

Oh the irony is sweet. Will soros allow her to prosecute?

Sounds like someone was bleeding the block, then got ran up on interesting time.

Karma at its finest WTF was he doing at that corner at 5:44 am?!

Others call the police & it takes hours for officer to come since they are so under staffed. @NatashaD1atx calls police & they’re there within minutes. Using position within city to get something personal done quicker can’t be possible since privilege is what she pretends to hate.

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