Flannigan Turns Hypocrite In Desperate Attempt to Save Seat

In Austin, city council races can help shape national politics. Who is placed into the city council seat can help influence how policy is shaped across the state. This will eventually influence policy across the country. 

In the city council district 6 race, there is a very close battle that may change a seat this November. The evidence is mounting that the incumbent Jimmy Flannigan is getting nervous about rival Mackenzie Kelly. 

In a recent Facebook post, Flannigan accused Kelly of using “tons of outside” money from a PAC. 

This comes on the heels of the massive push by the city council for the 25% tax increase Project Connect (Proposition A) that is on the ballot this voting cycle. 

Incumbent Flannigan should know all about using outside PAC money to fund projects because of the money that has been spent to indoctrinate the voting public of the aforementioned 25% tax increase project. 

An October 27th article by Ryan Autullo for the Austin American Stateman outlines the following money used to try to convince you to pay more in taxes;  

“A political action committee striving to furnish Austin with a multibillion-dollar public transit system spent nearly $1 million in the past month to win over voters, a jaw-dropping figure that dwarfed the $371,000 spent by an opposition committee.

In the final financial disclosure due before Election Day, the pro-transit Mobility for All also reported bringing in $333,000 in donations between Sept. 25 and Oct. 24. It was an impressive fundraising effort to be sure, but the number that really jumped off of the screen from Monday’s report was the $991,000 the PAC said it spent during that same stretch, primarily on advertising, consulting, and salaries.

Since forming in late July, Mobility for All has come strong to get behind Prop A, a tax rate proposal that, if approved, would raise the city of Austin’s property taxes by 8.75 cents per $100 of valuation. Combating counterarguments that the price tag is too steep, particularly during an ongoing economic crisis, the committee has spent $1.1 million to make its case to voters about why a robust transit system would alleviate traffic congestion and reduce emissions by removing vehicles from the road.” (Ryan Autullo, Austin American Statesman, Oct. 27, 2020)

This would be a permanent tax increase that would fund $7 billion for Project Connect (Proposition A) and increase taxes by 25%. 

Political podcaster and activist Brian Swail was recently quoted as saying that “anytime the city proposes something he multiplies 3x”. 

Even Lt. Governor Dan Patrick called the City of Austin a “disaster” and said that it is “one of the most dangerous cities in America.” on FOX 7 Austin.

Flannigan is being given a run for his money at this stage in the race. This means he is resorting to monetary name-calling and mud-slinging. The problem is that he is currently on the city council, which means he fully backs this tax increase on the citizens of Austin. This implicates him as a hypocrite when it comes to raising outside money. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows that he can’t win this on policy and issues. This means he will treat the fine citizens of Austin the same way.

Austinites have weathered challenges. We have weathered challenges by making new decisions. And, we must make a new decision this November to move Austin away from hypocritical name-calling and towards a fresh face on the Austin city council.



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