Ken Paxton Acquitted On All Charges

In a huge loss for Rino Bush Neocons, Ken Paxton has been acquitted on all charges in his impeachment trial.

In the impeachment proceedings of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a decision was made on Saturday. The hearing was presided over by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. There were 16 counts of impeachment brought against Paxton. If one article were found to be true, impeachment would result. For an acquittal, the Texas AG required 10 of the state’s 31 senators to vote.

All 16 charges against Paxton were dismissed. Consistent votes for acquittal were cast by Senators Paul Bettencourt, Brian Birdwell, Donna Campbell, Brandon Creighton, Pete Flores, Bob Hall, Joan Huffman, Bryan Hughes, Phil King, Lois Kolkhorst, Mayes Middleton, Tan Parker, Charles Perry, Kevin Sparks, Drew Springer, and John Whitmire.
According to the allegations, Paul helped Paxton set up an affair and gave him house improvements. Although Paxton’s wife, Angela, is a state senator as well, she was not permitted to participate in the impeachment trial because of the blatant conflict of interest.

On day seven, a witness for the prosecution disclosed under cross-examination that, contrary to what impeachment article 10 alleges, it did not appear Paxton had made any changes to his home.

Former Paxton personal assistant Andrew Wicker was questioned by Tony Buzbee, Paxton’s attorney, over the alleged home modifications. Wicker was forced to acknowledge that the alleged upgrades to the kitchen were untrue.


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