Michael Van Der Veen Destroys Mainstream Media Antics

Who is Trump lawyer Michael Van der Veen?

Michael Van der Veen is the founder of the Philadelphia law firm van der Veen, O’Neill, Hartshorn, and Levin.

Van der Veen specializes in personal injury and is best known for his local radio ads in Philadelphia.

He has led a number of high-profile cases, excelling in both civil litigation and criminal defense.

He has been named to the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list for 13 consecutive years and serves as an independent legal expert for print and television news media.

Van der Veen is a member of the bar in Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is also the treasurer of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers’ Association, according to his website.

Responses on Twitter broke down by party lines….

It’s not just the truth that makes this so compelling, it’s the exhaustion in MVDV’s voice. It’s a tone that I’ve heard from so many Americans. He might be Trump’s attorney but today he represented all people who are exhausted with media bias & corruption.

The comments here are amazing. Idk how people cant see the bias. This is mental at this point.

That’s an abuser right there. @LanaZak next time something like this happens to you – cut him off mid-rage, don’t smile and don’t try to be polite. His M.O. is the same as trump’s. If he doesn’t like the question, he demeans the questioner. I’m sorry you had to deal with him.

Did they really change evidence? I don’t trust anything he says but, if true it will destroy our credibility. It doesn’t matter if it was a tiny thing or something worse.

I think @LanaZak did an excellent job of staying cool in the face of some really disingenuous behavior.

Holy sh*t she was way nicer than I could have been. I was one of the people wondering what evidence had been changed, and was glad she asked, because I missed that part. Is this really him or the part he plays on TV.

Trump’s lawyer destroys CBS News. I imagine this won’t go viral because MSM and Big Tech will do what they can to smother the truth.

Simply Awesome. Michael Van der Veen. Citizen. Watch TRUMP’S Attorney call out the Media directly to the Media.

That was a pretty ugly moment of racial animus from Michael van der Veen, when he pointed to House managers and sneered about “what *they* did all summer long”

A reminder why political prejudice and “cancel culture” are WRONG. It was reported before that Michael van der Veen was a Democrat donor who disliked Trump. He proved today that his true loyalties are to the Constitution and his profession.

Bring back Walter Cronkite, Howard K Smith, and Harry Reasoner. You never detected ANY bias in their reporting… even Sam Donaldson. Anchors and reporters need to be thoroughly vetted, biases detected early on, and eliminated in presenting objective reporting to Americans.

More importantly, he states both left and right media. News outlets need to report news. Factually. Not include their irrelevant opinion. No one cares what some asshole anchor thinks.

Noticed that as well. It’s the “I’m sick of all this bullshit” tone of voice, and I spoke to two Democrat friends of mine who feel the exact same way.




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