MOVE Texas Launches $100,000 Ad Campaign To Fight Against Election Integrity

Nonprofit organization MOVE Texas has launched a $100,000 advertising campaign opposing Senate Bill 7 and House Bill 6, the wide-ranging voting reform proposed by Texas Republicans.   These two nonpartisan bills aim to restore election confidence to American citizens.  The bills aim to disallow the illegal aliens, criminals, vagrants, dead, and people who moved out of state from voting again in this upcoming election.  The nonprofit group aims to counter any sort of progress towards restoring credibility into the Texas voting process.

Beyond the dubious claim that they are a “nonpartisan” nonprofit group, the Move Texas deceitful advertisement claims, “While millions of Texans continue to recover from the state’s failed leadership in the face of a devastating winter storm, the Texas Governor is trying to take away our right to vote. This could be the worst voting rights legislation in Texas since Jim Crow. In a state renowned for upholding the country’s most restrictive voting laws, Gov. Abbott’s voter suppression scheme isn’t just unconstitutional, it’s oppressive and unnecessary. We must stop House Bill 6 and Senate Bill 7.”

Many polls show many Democrat and Republican voters have lost faith in the integrity of US elections.  Both of these nonpartisan bills aim to restore integrity to all the election issues caused by the mass exploitation of mail-in absentee ballots and unverified voters.  While more and more Texans have been vaccinated and the virus has faded away, Move Texas is making aggressive moves to try to maintain their ability to harvest mail in-ballots.  Basically they want to continue their “voter suppression” narrative even with the looming threat of the virus disappearing.

State law takes precedence over federal law so much will be gained by defeating these bills.  $100,000 is a drop in the bucket for this growing political machine focused on developing voting advantages.  Still, It is unclear who is funding the Move Texas emotion based ads hoping to continue exploiting the loopholes that have been so successful in the last go around of the election.  Also, Move Texas has staged several demonstrations pushing the Stop Asian Hate fad that has been so hot all this week.  They even made and are distributing this disturbingly poor gif to all their followers hoping to build on the well funded ad campaign’s momentum.

Congress wants to pass HR1 to federalize elections.  Mike Pence left it up to the state legislatures to certify their own electoral votes.  So here we are, at the state level trying to pass election integrity bills and the Democrats want their cake and to eat it all.

Many reacted harshly to the shameful tactics of Move Texas.

While local Progressive politicians hope to blame state and even federal control rather than the actual culprits for the local political voting exploitation.

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