The US Has Lost Its Proxy War In Ukraine

By Kim Dotcom

Ukraine received $185 billion from the West in support of the US proxy war against Russia and they have nothing to show for it. Now Zelenskyy says that’s not enough. “As long as the war continues, nothing can be enough.”

The EU must consider to cut its losses and demand peace talks.

Biden says that Russia has already lost the war because Finland and Sweden joined NATO. If that’s the measure of success then I would argue that the new military alliance between Russia and China with the 2nd largest defense budget in the world of US$300 billion is a massive loss for the West compared to adding 2 small budget NATO members (Finland $6.3 billion and Sweden $7.7 billion).

The reality is that the US has lost its proxy war in Ukraine. The West is bleeding money into this black hole with no end in sight. Russia is outperforming Ukraine on the battlefield 10 to 1 despite billions of Western military support.

The Biden administration isn’t willing to negotiate peace. They send more Ukrainians to die without any hope of success. The Democrats know they don’t stand a chance at the next election if Russia is victorious. That’s it. Thousands of Ukrainians die every week because Biden cannot admit defeat without burning his political party to the ground.

Joe Biden and his warmonger team of Pipeline Blinken, Pollster Sullivan and ‘Fuck the EU’ Nuland will be remembered as the most inept political operators in US history.

Together they have provided the biggest gift to Russia and China: A strengthening multipolar alliance of BRICS+ nations that will end US hegemony by de-dollarizing global trade, massively limiting the ability of the US Govt to print money on the backs of other nations. That will ruin the insanely indebted US without firing a single shot.

The only option other than this guaranteed geopolitical defeat and the domestic US chaos that would ensue is nuclear war. Knowing what I know about the US Govt and its deep state puppeteers this is still the most likely outcome. They would rather end humanity than admit defeat. The elite survivors in their nuclear bunkers will of course blame Russia.

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