Sheila Jackson Lee Supports Violence, Riots, And Domestic Terrorism As “People Wanting Good Things To Happen”

Despite the fact the “peaceful protests” in Portland have been ongoing since May 25, 2020, and involved attacking the US Courthouse, ICE building, Starbucks, and Apple, Sheila Jackson Lee still called for tolerance of the domestic terrorism as “good things”. Jackson Lee claimed on Twitter, “Testimony today on the Hill evidences that in the Portland protests, a thousand people were arrested. People protesting against the violence that was evidenced in the George Floyd murder. People wanting good things to happen.”

Reactions were swift and crossed party lines with many calling out the hypocrisy of continuing to claim the radical left violence is justified.

Folks anybody can run for office this just absolutely proves it.

Why do idiots in Houston keep sending you back there. You are literally insane.

The only reason that this thread isn’t the dumbest thing I have ever read on Twitter is because I have read other things that Sheila Jackson Lee has posted.

Proof that we are NOT sending our best and brightest to Congress

You are kidding right? They tried to burn a federal courthouse down for six months. They tried to burn down police stations 100s of times. They tried to burn down an apartment complex the mayor lived in. Your comparison is embarrassing.

So what you’re saying is that it’s okay for Democrats to riot but not Republicans.

People that burned down black-owned businesses, killed black citizens, and ensured no sane investors will ever put their money into certain cities for years to come… yeah, they totally just wanted good things to happen.

So much misinformation. So totally clueless about what is happening on the ground in Portland. Those Portland rioters are REALLY out to overthrow the US government… JUST ASK THEM.. Go to Portland & ASK THEM IN PERSON.

You are a fool who is advocating for overt violence. You are normalizing radical leftist inspired terrorism, with your phony claims, and you should be removed from your position immediately. YOU are the problem in this nation.

This makes zero sense whatsoever. You are manipulating the stupid or you yourself are stupid. It’s one or the other. There is no in between.

Joking right? Nobody is stupid enough to believe your tweet thread. This done by one of your woke, racist staff or are you that stupid/crooked/pandering.

No surprise our country is falling apart with imbeciles like this elected to govern it. She actually thought this was an intelligent argument worth sharing.

Do you even believe your own crap? Spinning tales to fit your narrative. One thing we all want is TERM LIMITS!! You need to go.

You have the IQ of a fucking rock. It is amazing that somehow you keep getting elected.

Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

You support terrorism plain and simple.

You can’t possibly be this stupid.

Hard to tell whether Sheila Jackson Lee was just trolling for negative attention or whether she believes that the violence she supports is righteous.  Either way this rhetoric continues to divide the Democrats further into camps that support rational discourse and those seeking to stir up more violence and hatred to pursue their political ambition.  The bill for the damage of Jackson Lee’s “good things” should be paid by anyone still supporting this radical agenda.

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