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Marxist Perverts Take Austin

By Social Cents

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Throughout history, radical communist/Marxists’ ideology was forced upon others through warfare and violent compliance regimes.  While the underlying goal of indoctrinating others hasn’t changed, the tactics used today are far more subtle.  Cultural Marxism relies heavily on psychological manipulation to indoctrinate unsuspecting  young minds, employing tactics that range from redefining social norms, personal beliefs and values to peer-pressure, name calling, and social isolation.  The common theme being the manipulation of language.   Whether written or spoken, language is the primary delivery system for the subversive payload of cultural Marxism.  Unfortunately, our public school system provides a captive audience of young minds for the molding and as a result has become the battleground against Marxists indoctrination of our children.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when these Marxist operatives usurped traditional education, but the decline in our nations competitive advantage relative to others began in 2019.  In the years prior to 2019, the United Stated consistently outperformed all other nations in the IMD World Competitive Center rankings.  In 2019, we fell from the top ranked nation, a position we’ve held for decades, to third ranked.  In 2020 we fell much further – from the number three spot to barely making the top ten [1].  Without question, a fundamental change occurred in the way we prepare our children for the global, competitive environment that lies ahead of them.
Fortunately, it’s an easy problem to solve – we’ve had decades of success in the past, a change was made, and the impact of that change resulted in a quantifiable decline in the quality of education – simply revert back to what’s worked for decades past.  Despite the obvious solution, we never corrected course.  Priorities shifted from providing children with the tools required to be competitive in today’s global landscape, to something else.  The curriculum shifted from traditional coursework to theories and opinions on cultural and moral relativism.  Values and principles that were traditionally taught at home were being openly challenged in the classroom,  teacher-student relationships morphed into caretaker-student relationships, where teachers took it upon themselves to impose their personal beliefs, morals, political ideology, and social constructs upon their impressionable students.
An environment that once valued free-speech and critical thinking had devolved into one of  heightened political correctness; an environment that psychologist John Ferudi coined as “velvet totalitarianism.”  Ferudi grew up in Communist Hungary as the son of Jewish parents who survived WW II labor camps and witnessed the effects of hijacking language and thought for political power.  School boards, trustees, superintendents, principals, administrators, and on the front-lines, teachers have assumed the role of the ‘thought police’ on campuses nationwide; failing our children.

Marxist’s Radical Sex Education

The origins of radical sex education dates back nearly a century to a Marxist program implemented in Hungarian public schools in their quest to destroy Christianity in Western Europe [2].  The curriculum included sex lectures and graphic instructional materials about free love and sexual intercourse.  Students were encouraged to ridicule and reject Christian moral ethics, monogamy, and parental and Church authority.  Hate was turned toward parents, clergy, and all dissenters.  In his 1958 book, The Naked Communist, Cleon Skousen identified 45 communist goals.  Because education is always a key vehicle for totalitarians to instill left-wing ideology early, the goals included getting control of schools; dumbing down the curriculum; discrediting the founding fathers; and presenting homosexuality as “normal, natural, and healthy.”

Austin ISD

We’ve been watching this unfold for years.  In 2019, the Austin ISD school board approved a controversial sex ed curriculum for students in grades 3 through 8 [3].  The new curriculum was touted as “much-needed, LGBTQ inclusive, and science based”, according to Planned Parenthood, an advocate for the change.  While concerned parents and several others disapproved of the videos encouraging  children to engage in same-sex relationships and the use of the “GenderBread Person”, a tool teachers use to help students identify their gender, their concerns fell on deaf ears.  Later, a series of public information requests revealed why Planned Parenthood was such a strong advocates for the new sex ed curriculum – money.  The new curriculum included a contract between AISD and Planned Parenthood to lead training workshops with educators across the district at a cost of $1,500/day – an arrangement illegal in the state of Texas SB22 (Senate Bill 22). [4].  The controversial curriculum not only served to further Marxism’s radical sex education, but also divert tax dollars away from education to support abortion.

Leander ISD

Soon afterwards, Leander ISD was exposed for indoctrinating children into Marxism’s radical and perverse sexual ideology.  A group of concerned parents were alarmed after reviewing the required reading list for children as young as 13 [5]; books like In the Dream  House and Lolita, a book about a 37-year-old man’s  relationship with a 12-year-old girl [6] not only made several students uncomfortable, but outraged parents as well.  The parents organized and collected several thousand signatures on a petition to remove the material from the school library, brought their concerns to both the school and school board  meeting (YouTube quickly censored the board meeting [7]), but their concerns not only fell on deaf ears, the parents were heavily retaliated against.
Parents were not only harassed on campus, but at home as well.  Activist teachers started by calling the parents, leaving insulting messages, calling them “racists” – the catch all insult that all Marxists directed at anyone who disagrees with them.  The insults soon evolved from being called “racists” and “bigots”, to directly targeting their Christian faith and openly insulting their religious beliefs.  After it was clear the parents were not  deterred, a stream of profane, offensive, and sexually suggestive packages began arriving at their home address [8].  Later the same year, after a student mistakenly checked out the wrong version of Lawn Boy from the school library, he learned about the legitimacy of child – adult sexual relationships.  Concerned and confused over what he’d read, he shared the book with his mom.  The child’s mother raised her concerns over the books main character, a 10 year old child, receiving oral sex and ‘hand jobs’ from adults.
Two textbook examples of Marxist indoctrination through radical sex education through the manipulation of language.  Leveraging carefully crafted slogans like “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity” (DIE) as a means to justify indoctrinating unsuspecting children into accepting casual sexual relationships, child rape, pedophilia, and gender confusion as new social norms.  Openly attacking religious beliefs, values taught within the home, or any other philosophical views contrary to their own.

Eanes ISD

In early 2021, the Eanes Independent School District Administration’s response to the reading of a transgender positive book to third and forth graders drew criticism from parents on both sides of the issue.  A fourth grade teacher in the Eanes district read the book to her class, followed by another third grade teacher, both did so under the guise of a “diversity” program [9].  While the content of the  book was benign relative to the graphic content of books being read in other districts, it sparked a divide between parents, creating the ideal opportunity to once again leverage language to manipulate unsuspecting parents into supporting Marxists indoctrination of children – in the name of ‘equity’, of course.
Social justice groups of primarily all white parents dubbed “Eanes 4 Equity” and “DEI” soon emerged within the district.  The groups co-founder, Kim Taylor [10], a progressive political operative that refers to her previous employer and fellow Marxists, Bernie Sanders as a “dignitary”, gained the support of unsuspecting parents .  Parent’s that unfortunately failed to perform the level of due diligence necessary to expose her Marxist’s intentions.  Kim’s definition of “diversity, tolerance, inclusion, and acceptance” is demonstrated in a recent interview with the Texas Tribune as the co-founder of ‘Blue Texas’ – “We are a Texas born, Texas-bred campaign that intends to raise the funds and communicate with voters to get rid of Donald Trump” – She didn’t say defeat him at the polls, vote him out of office, she said “get rid of him”;  by definition doesn’t exclusion (getting “rid” of, or doing away with someone) negate “inclusion and tolerance”?  It’s difficult to reconcile that the white co-founder of a progressive political action committee with clear ties to Marxism has any demonstrated experience in “diversity, tolerance, or inclusion” [11]

Austin Public Library

The Tweet was later deleted, however we can be assured that the list of teens who signed up will be employed for nefarious purposes.
A more recent example of tax dollars being used to indoctrinate children into the radical, perverse sexual ideology of Marxism is the recent advertisement presented by the Austin Public Library in partnership with:
Austin Healthy Adolescent (AHA) Program The library is openly paying teens to attend “sex-ed” camps.  Teens are paid $100 to attend this closed door, multi-day course on sexual education, brought to you by the same Austin Public Library that has paid tens of thousands of tax payer dollars to drag queen sex offenders like David Richardson, known as “Miss Kitty Litter” to teach children about gender fluidity.  David was arrested for prostitution in 1996. Please note that said tax payer dollars come with absolutely no accountability, e.g., background checks. Not to be outdone, Houston’s Public Library hosts a ‘drag queen story time’ for children as well.  According to criminal records obtained by Mass Resistance, William Travis Dees, also known as “Liza Lott,” was convicted in 2004 of sex crimes against four children between the ages of four and eight. He is listed as a “high risk sex offender”.   Then another, Albert Alfonso Garza, 32, was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault of an 8-year-old boy in Texas on Sept. 9, 2009. [12].  Again, manipulating language and intent to indoctrinate.
Long Beach Public Library celebrated LGBQT History Month with “Xochi Mochi” for Drag Queen Story Hour/American Library Association Photo (2017)
Mochi, clad in heavy makeup and sporting red-tipped horns on his head, read in front of an audience of kids, some of whom also appeared to be in costume. An official link for Drag Queen Story Hour did not describe it as a Halloween-themed event.
The Drag Queen Story Hour is part of a collaboration between the LBPL, The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach, the Genders and Sexualities Alliance Network and the LGBTQ nonprofit Imperial Court of Long Beach.

Travis County’s Marxist DA Breaks The Law To Protect Child Sex Predator

Marxist perversion has not only infiltrated our schools and libraries, but local Austin politics as well.  Anyone who remotely follows Austin politics is well aware of the blatant corruption introduced by DSA Marxists.  From extorting developers to funding illegal immigrant workers unions or financing the campaigns of fellow Marxists to stealing federal COVID funds and ‘gifting’ them to special interests labor unions, they no longer try to hide it.  What might not be as well known is their affinity for child sexual predators.
In mid-summer of 2021,  Assistant District Attorney for Travis County, Ariane Flores, resigned today by way of a Brady Notice submitted to the State of Texas. A Brady Notice relates to “exculpatory or impeaching information and evidence that is material to the guilt or innocence or to the punishment of a defendant”.
At issue is a demand by Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza’s office for the Assistant DA to delete evidence. The case involves a defendant who was charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child in June.  During meetings to discuss the case, the Assistant DA notes that Garza’s office demanded that she “delete emails and work product notes on this case between myself and Victim Witness Counselor.” After she fought the request to destroy evidence, Garza’s second-in-command First Assistant Trudy Strassburger stepped in to again demand the evidence be destroyed. [13]

Travis County Judge Sympathizes With Repeat Child Sexual Predator – Asks That He Stops Having Contact With Minors.

In December 2022,  Austin police arrest Ronald Martin Jr, for failure to register as a sex offender. Martin is considered a lifetime high-risk sexual offender by Texas Department of Public Safety after multiple child sex crime convictions, most recently involving a 7 year old boy. Police were dispatched to a criminal trespassing call on Dec 27th, where they witnessed Martin performing oral sex on a juvenile male [14].  Martin met the 7 year-old Kentucky boy on Instagram, traveled to a church near the boy’s home where he then abducted the boy and brought him back to Austin. After Austin municipal court Judge Patrick McNelis interviewed Martin and the boy, bond was set at $1 million.
The following day, when Martin appeared before progressive (and suspected Marxist) Judge Christyne Harris Schultz, the repeat child molester’s bail was lowered from $1M to surety bond in the amount of $50,000.  Meaning Martin could walk free to molest again for posting just 10%, or $5,000.  Asking that the repeat child sexual predator “have no contact with minors”

Marxist Perverts Empowered By School Boards, Administrators, And The US Department Of Education

Cultural Marxism continues to go unchecked through the United States and central Texas.  In October 2021, a South Lake school district administrator demanded that if they had books about the Holocaust in their classrooms, they should also have books that offer “opposing” or “other” viewpoints as well [15] New York lawmakers pushing for sex education to be added to the curriculum for kindergartners [16]It wasn’t until COVID shut down in-person learning for students in Carmel, Indiana that parents learned the full scope of the perversion being pushed onto their children. Books pushing radical transgender ideology, lessons on masturbation for middle schoolers, and novels with explicit details describing ‘bloody rape’ are some of the topics children were being exposed to [17].
Scott Smith’s story of his daughter being raped by a boy in a skirt in a school bathroom was dismissed at a school board meeting before he was hauled off by cops. REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein Photo
School boards began limiting attendance by concerned parents under the guise of ‘COVID’.  In Austin’s once notable Eanes ISD, as well as others across the nation, money once spent on education children were redirected to hiring police officers to quiet and dissenting parents.  Forcibly escorting anyone who violated the rules set forth by the board (limiting parents to 1-minute at the podium) out of the building or detained and arrested them.  In Ashburn Virginia, a girl was raped in the girl’s bathroom by a “gender-fluid” male student [18].  When the father of the rape victim, Scott Smith, learned what had happened, he brought his concerns to the school board meeting.  Scott Ziegler, the Loudoun county public school superintendent dismissed Smiths’ concerns, said the ‘predator transgender student’ didn’t exist, the claims were fabricated, and any concerns were unfounded.
Interim superintendent Scott Ziegler says ‘the predator transgender student does not exist’ at Loudoun County public school board meeting on June 22, 2021 (Renss Greene/Loudoun Now Photo)
Scott Ziegler, Ed.D. – Superintendent of Schools – Loudoun County Public Schools
A heated exchange ensued between Smith and a progressive rainbow activist on the school board who allegedly threatened Smith’s livelihood at that meeting told him point-blank his daughter’s rape three weeks earlier did not happen, as if she would know.  The man was then detained, forcibly escorted from the building, arrested and convicted of ‘disorderly conduct’. The video of his humiliation, his T-shirt ripped, his belly exposed, his pants pulled down, went viral globally.  No one cared about his shattered family. The Soros-funded left-wing prosecutor, Buta Biberaj, reportedly a decarceration proponent, tried to get Smith jailed for his disruptive behavior.
REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein Photo
Not only had the transgender boy raped his daughter, the school board knew and tried to hide it by transferring the boy to another school where he raped yet another girl in the women’s bathroom. The boy was charged with two counts of forcibly sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forceable fellatio.
Five days later, on Oct. 4, 2021, the obedient Attorney General Merrick Garland issued his infamous memo that sics the FBI on parents like Scott Smith.
As recent as January 11, 2022, America learned that Biden’s Education Secretary solicited the NSBA (National School Board Association) for a letter comparing concerned parents to domestic terrorists.  Education secretary Miguel Cardona then worked with the US Justice Dept. to inform and direct FBI resources to assist local law enforcement and use federal law to ‘examine appropriate enforceable actions”.

Let’s pause here – the President of the United States has the Justice Dept. label parents concerned about their children being taught that adult-child sexual relationships are the norm as “Domestic Terrorists” and to seek guidance on how they should be punished [19].

Government-sponsored Domestic Terrorism

How could the United States not only support, but adopt and promote cultural Marxism?  While we may never know the reasons behind the pivot from freedom to Marxism, we do know that the Biden campaign ran on a platform that systemic racism has plagued the United States for decades, Trump was accused of fostering this environment, and Biden, if elected, confirmed he would have a black-women as vice president, and bring the nation together – to heal.  President elect Biden went on to state that “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” [Video].  After announcing Kamala Harris as his VP, the two embraced the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests and rioting that later ensued.  Kamala not only condoned the actions, but promoted the Minneapolis Freedom Fund, a “bail fund” that posted bail for criminals to return back to the streets to inflict more harm.  In Minneapolis, the fund enabled the release of George Howard, 48,  and alleged domestic abuser who was later found guilty of two counts of second degree murder [20], as well as Timothy Wayne Columbus, 36, who faces up to 30 years in prison for allegedly sexually assaulting an 8 yo girl in 2015 (court records show the fund played a role in his release from jail) [21], Dalvin Gates, 28, arrested for allegedly strangling a woman, Marcus Butler, 40, arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, Mathew Thompson, 29, arrested for domestic crimes, Tyron Shields, 53, arrested for domestic violence, after beating his wife [22].  Harris not only supported the violence and aided in releasing these criminal back into society, but more importantly aligned herself with the goal of BLM and it’s Marxist leaders and ideology [23]
Days after the election, the founders of Black Lives Matters (2 of which identify as queer) called on Joe Biden to prioritize the groups (Marxist, anti-police, LBGTQ) agenda and told him “black people won this election” – “You owe us”, and “we would like to be actively engaged in planning and policy work”.  In early 2022, BLM’s “Week of Action” began teaching students nationwide to affirm transgenderism and disrupt the nuclear family. [24]. Sound familiar? Teaching students to adopt the perverted ideology of Marxists? Leveraging race as a tool to manipulate others?  If BLM had anything to do with Black Lives, why would they not focus on initiative that improve the lives of African Americans?  Why would they not leverage their influence for the betterment of the African American community, address black-on-black crimes, be advocates for those without a voice?

Diversity,  Inclusion, and Equity For All – Don’t Fall For The Marxist Word-smithing

You  would be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees, it’s common sense; much like Black Lives Matter and the ‘Patriot Act’. Taking a page from the diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) narrative  – do not pass judgement based solely on outward appearances .  Instead,  look beyond the obvious good nature of the cleverly word-smithed initiative, “diversity, inclusion, and equity”, and  take a more substantive look at what it means in practice and how it relates to public education.  The smallest amount of due diligence would more than likely have revealed the hallmark signature of cultural Marxism – language manipulation and psychological manipulation, targeting naïve, unsuspecting adults that most likely had good intentions in backing the outwardly obvious slogan “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity for all”.  It’s unfortunate and deeply concerning that Marxists have successfully manipulated so many parents into rallying behind a clever slogan that in reality has nothing to do with diversity, inclusion, or equity, and everything to do with indoctrinating young, impressionable minds into the perverted Marxist ideology.

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