Ron DeSantis Breaks Loyalty Pledge Required For 2024 GOP Debates

Ron DeSantis announced that he will not support Trump for president. @henryrodgersdc asked@RonDeSantis if he pledges to support President Trump if he’s the GOP nominee. DeSantis dodged the question, and didn’t commit to supporting Trump. DeSantis, currently down 40 points, continues his effort to divide the Republican party in its overwhelming support for Donald Trump.

Now the question becomes whether Ronna McDaniel will not allow Desantis to debate given the loyalty pledge to support Trump when he inevitably wins the Republican primary by a wide margin.  The bigger problem for DeSantis continues to be where he will find support against the overwhelming frontrunner.  DeSantis seems to still be trying to parlay his handling of the Virus Fad into some kind of support but it only seems to be backing firing given his record.

More and more people are questioning DeSantis on his wavering stance on just about every topic.  Is Ron just another poor man’s Jeb Bush who has used the pro America crowd to rise in the ranks?  Did Ron simply sellout for a huge chunk of money to be the champion of the Bush Neocon Rinos who have been feuding with Trump since before he got elected?

Ron continues to sink hard in the polls despite constant advertising from Karl Rove’s crew of neocon bandits.  While DeSantis began with the idea that he was 100% MAGA now he has shown his true cards that he will not support MAGA no matter what.

All of this silly mess just leads to the question of what percentage of these Desimps who are falling for this DeSantis hoopla voted for Joe Biden?

The Republican party keeps sinking lower and lower as it shows its true colors that it would rather elect Joe Biden than have another four years of prosperity with Donald Trump.  The corruption of these politicians could not be more pervasive.

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