Syrian Anti-Trump And America Refugee Ahmed Al-Issa Is Named As Boulder Terrorist

Syrian refugee Ahmed Al-Issa has been named as the terrorist who shot 10 people 3/22/2021 at a King Soopers in Boulder Colorado.  Facebook has moved quickly to remove Al-Issa’s social media rants which show the radical Syrian refugee to be a staunch Trump and America hater. It will be interesting to see how the media and Joe Biden try to spin the Colorado shooting tragedy. You have a devout Muslim immigrant, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, with a history of violence and mental illness. You have Red Flag laws that did not work, and he was not legally allowed to possess a firearm.

Many others across social media platforms have rushed to scrub their twitter feeds of their racist rants against American white people.  Here is a brief selection of a few tweets, Austin Network was able to archive before they have been removed.

As with any story this is an ongoing investigation.  As more details come to light, it is increasingly looking like this horrific news story of terrorism is moving away from being featured prominently.  President Biden has been briefed that the shooter has ISIS sympathies.  President Biden has not released his statement on this horrendous act of cowardice that claimed the lives of 10 people including a 51 year old police officer.  Instead, Joe Biden says he “won’t speculate” as to what happened in Colorado.

Now while Biden doesn’t want to speculate on this terrorist shooting, between rants about hating Trump and America, Ahmad Al-Issa posted in 2019 that he #needsagirlfriend.  It is obvious that the motive was rooted in the exact same bitterness becoming so prevalent among these entitled woke anti-Americans with such abysmally poor social skills. So sad.

Many on Twitter got it very wrong with their assumptions.  Here is one from Richard N. Ojeda, II @Ojeda4America that shows the emotional nonsense of anger unchecked by any intelligent thought.

Stay tuned for more details as they arise.


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