What Happened To Haiti – Brief Timeline

Haiti has fallen to pieces. It didn’t happen overnight. Here is a brief description of the buildup to the chaos.

– 2009: Secretary of State Clinton makes Haiti a top diplomatic priority.

– Jan. 2010: A devastating earthquake that claims 220,000 lives decimates Haiti. The Clinton Foundation raises $30 million for Haiti relief that goes largely unaccounted for.

– Nov 2010: Hillary Clinton endorses Michel Martelly, but he comes in third place and does NOT qualify for the runoff election scheduled for March 2011.

– January 2011: Hillary Clinton travels to Haiti, meets with President Preval, and threatens to cut off aid if Martelly is not on the ballot. Celestin is dropped from the ballot, and Martelly is placed on the ballot.

– March 2011: Martelly “wins” an election marred by voter fraud where 650,000 “ghost ballots” were counted, including many who died in the earthquake.

– 2011-2016: Martelly administration is plagued with corruption scandals mainly centered around accepting bribes in exchange for construction project deals that never materialized and working with criminal gangs to commit human rights violations.

– 2016: Martelly resigns and flees to Florida a week before his term is set to expire.

– June 2016: The results of a special election are annulled after an audit found extensive voter fraud.

– November 2016-2020: Jovenel Moise wins new elections. He begins enacting agrarian reforms, establishing free trade zones, fighting corruption, and arresting narcotics and human traffickers.

– July 7th, 2021: 6 months after Joe Biden takes office, 28 foreign (mostly Colombian) mercenaries storm the presidential palace and assassinate President Moise.

– July 7th–21st, 2021: departing PM Claude Joseph takes over as president for 14 days, but stands down in favor of Ariel Henry, who was supported by the United States. Two days before his murder, Moise had chosen Henry to be Prime Minister.

– 2021: Gangs begin carving out the nation’s capital, Port-au-Prince.

– February 2024: Claude Joseph and Moise’s widow are indicted for plotting Moise’s assassination.

– March 2024: Henry travels to Kenya to sign an agreement for 1,000 troops to help restore order in the Haitian capital but is unable to return home due to security concerns. Henry remains stranded in Puerto Rico as warring gangs wrestle for control of the government with human flesh-eating gang leader “Barbecue” poised to take over.

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