Joe Biden Is Trying To Incite Violence Against Americans For Easter

By James Lindsay

Yesterday, on Good Friday, one of the high holy days of the Christian faith, the Biden Administration proclaimed Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024 *specifically* to be a “trans day of visibility.” The official White House press release page shows an Easter Bunny by the White House, indicating they are fully aware that they are making this proclamation specifically about Easter Sunday, even though Easter is not specifically mentioned in the proclamation.

This isn’t just an insult to the Christian faith, and indeed an intolerable one that proclaims a form of embodied Gnostic theosophy that misleads and destroys kids. It is entirely consistent with Woke Theosophy, as I’ve discussed elsewhere and may attach here as a thread, but it is more than that. It is also a deliberate provocation against Christians that must be understood.

A key principle of Woke activism is “your target’s reaction is your real action.” That derives from Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals and has been codified in the updated activism manual called Beautiful Trouble. They do these provocations intentionally, as I have discussed at length in the past, as a means of stoking a reaction they can use to their advantage.

On the reactionary side at present, it must be indicated that there are multiple overlapping active measures to drag faithful Christians into reactionary stances. One is the prevailing “Operation Christian Nationalism,” which this same administration is framing as one of the most dangerous threats to “democracy” in the world today. Another is the more local and specific radicalization attempt during Holy Week that follows the Christian rhetoric of “Christ is King,” which has been successfully tied to an antisemitic trope and active measure meant to drive a wedge between Christians and Jews and Christians and Christians. I have taken tremendous heat for exposing this active measure, as have many others, which is a testament to its status as an active measure.

This provocation, published yesterday, is overwhelmingly likely aiming to feed into those prevailing active measures (“ops”) meant to drag Christians into a positions of fruitful reaction that the Regime can use to clamp down on them. Again, Christian reaction is their real action, and we know for certain that Christian circles are deeply infiltrated with a chest-beating and growing radicalism that is being baited toward and associated with a growing antisemitism. The responses to this post will almost certainly prove this out, btw. Your evil government wants this to happen. They are baiting you into it.

What should you do?

You should cleave to your faith with wisdom and discernment. You should celebrate your Christianity as loudly and publicly as you want, and you should do so aware that a reaction is being solicited from you. Pray for those caught up in the trans cult. Make your prayers visible. Welcome them to healing and communion, even if they’re not ready to take it. Likewise, pray for these evil “leaders” that they repent of this wickedness. Pray also for those professing Christianity but not practicing it, seeking to lead Christians into error from within, that they repent and find forgiveness, peace, strength, and ultimately faith.

More than that, celebrate your faith openly and on terms that avoid the desired reaction of these enemies of both the church and our nations. Proclaim “He is risen” and celebrate your salvation through Him. Do not be afraid, but do not take the evil path that is being offered to you. I advise reading Matthew 10 in its entirety in this dangerous time in which your religion is targeted and in which you are being targeted and identified for this persecution, which is being set up through these provocations. It contains wisdom and guidance for times precisely like these.

Happy Easter, everyone, and may the Good News of your faith overpower the evil being done against it, not through chest-beating reaction and temptations to evil, but through the power of peace, repentance, and forgiveness that is at the heart of it, for all the people in all the nations of the world. Let not this weapon that has been forged against you prevail. Keep your faith, and keep you head. These are trying times.

Yes, you are being baited, and yes, they know what they’re doing. There are also ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing around you urging you to take the bait. The Left infiltrates. Be discerning. Wise as serpents, gentle as doves.

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