Explaining The Great Reset

What is the ‘Great Reset’?

David Webb describes it best in his book ‘The Great Taking’. It’s a deliberate collapse engineered by the elites via the Deep State and Central Banks to force people into poverty and make them dependent on their new digital currency (CBDC) giving them control over everything.

The legal framework to do this is already in place. Many people in Europe and the US are wondering why their Governments are engaging in behavior that is harming their citizens. Wars, uncontrolled immigration, climate change restrictions on farmers, attacks on family values, the endless creation of divisions by the media and the destabilization of industry.

It’s not by accident, it’s deliberate. The globalist elites understand that the Western system of unsustainable debt and money printing is coming to an end. The BRICS countries know this too and have created an alternative global financial system to circumvent the inevitable collapse of the West.

This is the real source of tensions between the West and Russia/China. The de-dollarization of global trade makes the Global Reset non-global and provides an alternative to those who refuse to participate. It creates an obstacle to the global debt forgiveness the West tries to achieve by forcing their new financial system on the world. They have no intention to pay their debts.

The West wants to replace their failed system with a new global system of totalitarian control. Digital currencies (CBDC) paired with surveillance and a social credit system that will restrict access to money if you act against their rules. They want the ability to sanction you on an individual level just like they sanction countries that don’t obey the US rules-based order.

Paper money will cease to exist. Independent digital currencies will be prohibited. Your ability to pay your bills and buy food will depend on your behavior. It’s the end of free speech and protests. AI will be trained to control the behavior of billions of people. You will all be slaves.

But first everything has to get really bad for you to accept such a system. Wars, pandemics, poverty, food shortages and increased crime rates. You will only use their new system if you think it’s the best way out of hell. They are willfully creating that hell.

I believe many leaders have secured their place in this totalitarian dream. They are executing the sinister plan of the WEF elites. They will live privileged lives and rule without interference. They won’t be held accountable for their crimes or be subject to criticism. They believe this new system is a necessity for a better world. Better for them, not for you.

This is the future they want.
What are you going to do about it?

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